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Hi all,

was just wondering what a Karmoosh Lateef would be worth now. I have 2, one at lvl 10 and another at Level 20. The Level 20 still has only Pet and Taming Skills unlocked at Lvl 14 and no further buffs are known as far as I know. An update to fix it seems unlikely and the mission to get them is, or may be discontinued?

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There is a new way to get the pet.
You buy a pet key from the mirsal vendor for 30.000 mirsal and upgrade to an mk3 and then you are able to enter the pet instance in the fauna and flora center.
I believe it is a different pet then the one you could get before and as sutch very unlikely that the old pets will get a update.
I didn't know the old pets had a buff on them.

Edit : as for the price i have no idea :(


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Thanks, yes that is the Karmoosh Aleef pet (red pants) you get for the Mirsal tokens. What interests me is the value of the Karmoosh Lateef (scottish pants), as it may very well become extinct and it cost me a small fortune to tame in 2018. Considering the experience I had with both the Lateef (no buffs and huge expense) and with the Aleef Key (huge expense, no return, entry to an instance I was actually not qualified / levelled for), I would rather get an Asclarias. I am just interested to find out if I can get a few peds back from two total disasters.:whip
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