Keep ares perfected or go for easter 2022?

Littlestar b-k

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Title says it all.
I am thinking of switching to a easter 2022 instead of the ares perfected.
My main goals in hunting are to get the best possible tt-return.
I mostly hunt mobs in the 500-1000 hp range. My lvl's are way above the lvl i hunt at.
I'll be getting less kills per time spend because of the loss of the reload buff.

What are your tougths on the matter?

If it helps you make a better decision this link is a hunting log i've been keeping.
hunting return log |

Eleni Von Estlla

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You basically be trading DPS for DPP.

Your TT return will hardly be affected, but will find it better through MU.
More critique now means lower cost to kill, in the contrary of loot 1.0 where it meant free damage, and ped printing.

You will higher your loot composition, as stated in patchnotes, so less shraps as you do now, on average (long run).
Lower cost to kill, or more-damage-more-often-for-same-ped-spent meant you will also be more endurant for rare hunting.
So in your case, you be working harder (less DPS) for better rewards (higher DPP).

While i cannot say what is wrong or best for you, as long as your defense cost dont suffer from it, it doesn't sounds like a too bad idea.
You are already aware of the benefits you are losing by throwing Ares away, so i think that covers it.
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