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The Love Craft Academy started out in 2016
With Okamisama, Eesti and some young players who were very keen
Members such as MadJack and Darth Revan started to play
Lots of players joined while others moved on or away

A year later the leadership passed from Okamisama to MadJack
The Society had nearly 50 members helping and watching each other’s back
MadJack sold his Condo but the quarterly hunts carried on
Eesti has an apartment on Monria which acts as a salon

Darth Revan had a gun shop but that was sold
Luke Hudson has a shop on Monria which is now rather old
Lexi was a dancer before moving into oil
Overlording chopped down all the trees leaving just bare soil

Cora Stuns in beauty and clothes
While Besid crafts guns by the load
MadJack looks after the website and Hadji is the Discord King
Katie and MadJack have recruited 100 members each, it’s their thing

Katie also spends her time piloting Team Varyeg mothership
Puja joined this year in Mayhem instances he’s rather hip
Guess Who joined the other day only Jim O’Neill
We have around 250 members I can’t mention them all still

There’s Bondgirl, Deynora, Ice, Futureprog Killercas and Leuit
And that is all the Assistant Professors, I hoot
We started out as a Monrian Society
And that is where we have fun and a bit of notoriety

So why don’t you join us on 19th December 2020
There’s fun, Surprises and prizes a plenty.
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Since my last poem the Love Craft Academy have gone from strength to strength
We've travelled across all the universe at quite some length
No planet or moon is safe from us
Not Calypso, Rocktropia, Toulan, Next Island, Cyrene, Arkadia or one of the moons i trust

Our favourite is still Monria where the society started out
We hit a 5917ped hof on St. Patrick's day, I like to shout
When we take part in Virtual Sense events we often win a prize
And 200 or 300ped is a nice surprise

We now have two society buy programs and other traders too
Not that you have to sell to them the choice is up to you
We had an amazing space hunt which was lots of fun
Shooting space mobs, robots and the Robot Boss while on the run

Many members have been promoted including JIm, Red, Payzz, Aya and Slyne
Katherine bought a small warpship which is simply devine
We have many plans for the future another space hunt and I'd like to kill King Kong
Join us today 250 members can't be wrong.

Our next society event is on Toulan
Watch the twitch channel as the mobs go boom


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The Love Craft Academy is going to Rocktropia.
MadJack's been planning it as a kind of utopia.
We are going to kill King Kong
As we march to one of MadJack's songs

It's all happening next weekend
Why not come along and bring a friend
This will be our sixth big society event of the year
MadJack's bought all the Ruxxnet Codes which were quite dear.

Since the last poem we have been to Toulan, Cyrene, taken out a mothership for a repair run and shot the Robot Space Boss again
Gone to Monria for St. Patrick's Day, done the squidgy suit on Desc-9 and had an event on Calypso, next year we plan more of the same.

Aya is now top of the Society's agility and intelligence list.
Okamisama the founder has not been on for a long time and is missed
If MadJack hadn't kicked some long term inactives we would have 300 members by now.
Just don't tell Okamisama as Okamisama doesn't like anyone to get kicked somehow.

Jim remains loyal while so many societies covet him
The society top 10 health list has some new names like Vidicious, Defender, Rhino, Tuabk and Jedliq
At the weekend we will also shoot Zombie Kongs, 50ft party girls, the thing, Radiated Spiders and a Motorhead Princess
One things for sure it's going to be a complete mess

Can you name a soicety with over 200 members that does as much as us.
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