Lee 'Negated' Dokken's gifts from Cthulhu. (And a running tally of my Monrian Iron missions)

Lee Negated Dokken

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So, I decided to take a page from the Imp's book, and compose a log of my Monrian globals and achievements.

Shoggs - 59 of 10k - 10 globals for a total of 173 Ped

Yogs - Just starting 4th 10k - 232 globals for a total of 4717 Ped

Cultists - 1569 of 10k - 3 globals for a total of 219 Ped

Shubs - 2 of 100 - 0 globals so far. (Unable to solo shubs atm)

Mining - 85 globals for a total of 6243 Ped
Currently working Maladrite III and Zoldenite III

Crafting - 18 globals for a total of 3295 Ped
No idea how many times I've done the daily, but that's not really an achievement, I suppose.

Will update as I go along.
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Fantastic, Gratz on that Neg, I'm really happy for you. :jumpclap
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