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Hello all, im looking the npc broker mission that give as reward : Mawlood Training Armor Harness (L) Blueprint (L)
I guess is from a chain mission or something like that.
I read on euwiki i can get this blueprint from a mission, but its all the info that wiki give, dont give name of broker or name of the mission. Could someone please help me with the name of the broker mission that give as reward this blueprint, thankyou.

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Are you Toulan born and doing the storyline mission chain?

Those missions are now only available to begginers born on Monria or Toulan.

Guide here:
Toulan Beginners Mission Chain | Toulan/Monrian Born Only

The NPC giving the 2 attempts BP is Faiza :

Step 7

Faiza (Meet Faiza)

Entropia 2022-02-22 13-57-17-22.png -- [Planet Toulan, 133953, 93231, 107, Waypoint]

-- you are instructed to hunt TabTab to acquire 20 TabTab Tooth

The Puny TabTab are located here -- > [Planet Toulan, 135801, 94366, 125, Waypoint] -- down the hill from Snow Mountain TP
The group of TabTabs outside the East Gate at Guardian Village is here --> [Planet Toulan, 134278, 93050, 104, Waypoint]

-- when you return to the NPC, you are then asked to ...
-- Craft (Attempting to Craft)
-- you are given a blueprint (BP) with 2 attempts to craft a Mawlood Harness
-- the reward is 2 PEC Engineering

On a side note, the Mawlood armor is looted on punies East of guardian village.
All parts easily drop from them, and they easy to kill, if this is what you after.
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Hello there,
Finish the misson "Nahar Outfit Stage 2"
Got Aqeek Textures but i cant remember which npc to get my reward
I appreciate some help , plz
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