Losses (Why?)

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Hi all,
Following (another) talk drenched in silliness on chats, i thought this needed to be done.
Its just sad to see how misunderstood people are.

PED losses.
"Its MA fault!" - "Devs are robbing us!" - "I cant make money, sky is falling!"

Ill keep it short.

Theres many parameters as for why you lose money.
Dont be upset, but its your fault.

Game is based on decisions.
Your build your avatar to fit your goals. Step out of these, and your finished.
Weither its MA, or PPs, in the end, they opening doors at you, and its for YOU to decide if you want in. If so, its for you to decide if you want to fight for it. (two decisions from you before even shooting).


Other tax being, crafting keys, looting parts, any access.

On the actual case, was about cards instances.
You buy a lifetime access (tax) to the caves, and pay no more.
This tax non existing, then is reflected in tax as "others".
So yes, loot is bad, but its not.
Is it really what you want? Why do you want it? Why am i getting these returns? Why no one else is doing it?
Theres an explanation, and its for you to work for it.

Last note about MU.
MU is NOT decided by MA or the "devs". Is created by the players, for the players.
Rarity needs to be balanced though.
If someone is trying to make money, and try a price, and player 2 wants this so badly, Player 2 will pay, Player 1 make money, and set a MU, Everyones happy.

In the ends, its all about decisions.
Why are you here?
Can you do it?
Why do it?
Is it worth it?

Spendings, returns, market, drops.

Ask yourself, what are your goals?
We all different, with very different goals.

I hate paying 4PED for a sunjoq hot dogs at the holydays market, but i really love it! And its worth every bits!

Decisions, Decisions...
Should i amp, what weapon, what armor, should i heal or wait to regen, is this mob good for me, do i have the level, do i have the wallet?
Its all you. Size your hunt to your avatar, and stay where you are comfortable, and where you have fun.

Theres enough history on the forums to read and learn.
Make your own.

And globals have nothing to do with this. Its a consequence.

Losses are not bad, they are needed, and they can be worked, by you.
And Toulan has currently been hard worked to bring you all of this.
Dont miss out!

Hope this will help some wandering souls, in a good way.

PS: Based on MA patchnotes, observations and a 15 years old book filled with EU players feedbacks.

Edit: Sweetened it because mood swings.
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I absolutely LOVE your guides and info posts Eleni ... I can't stop laughing ... the brilliance is sometimes hidden in perfect humor. :thumbsup


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This is GOLD! I would also add learning curve and "avatar investment". When you first start and you have no skills you can shorten the learning curve if you want via wiki, online resources etc. Avatar investment is simply PED you tie up in skills/ gear. Skills do cost money (and should likely be counted in your hunting, mining, crafting returns) so like with any money making venture it takes money to make money. I do have to say the hardest part of this game is not going on a stupid spending spree with crafting machines.


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A good note is also the loot variance i had allmost "10k Loss" doing otis while doing Rais 2 mission, and then hit the 18.8K am i then up 8.8K on otis ? or was that a "saving" from a long time hunting ? My griviance is the sudden drop, while doing missions, if i go out with 3000ped and come back with 1200ped in tt, then yes i feel that was to high a variance, but i also learned to trust to get some of it back.
On another note, it seems that MA is in control of what drops from mobs, and some mobs just have terrible loot tables, with little to nothing with markup being lootable. But in the end your right, we dont have any securities, and cant have any expectations, but that wont keep me from being dissapointed or happy depending on my experience.

Eleni Von Estlla

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Absolutely right here Hally.

I wont pretend to be a knows-it-all or a loot gourou, but what you said is as simple as it is, and was the whole point of this post, that i made out of chats reading frustration, usually when my eyes start bleeding.

Cycle is what you mentioned about the 18k, and is true at every level, just like a newbie will global a 10peds on a 0.03ped tabtab, or even 40+peds on a puny 0.03ped cost mohkat.
Thats just cycling multipliers. They can happen very early or very late in the cycle, and too many parameters affect the said cycle, like economy of the gear, dps, defense, amount cycled, HP of mobs, and number of kills.
So its hard to put the finger on it and make a rule for everyone, since we all different.

The only thing that matters is to close the loop cycle.
If you dont, or know you cant, you have then lost, and you are Game Over.

Hunting rares is totally different, as well as loot rarity distribution.
Perfect exemples are GyZ and Ronny, two new starters looting pages, or myself, owning chapter 4 in less than 200 kills.
Thats a right time, right place.
Its cruel, but totally detached from cycling, though i believe tied to loot composition.

And to finish, as you said, there are useless mobs. Who hunts to loot shraps and oils only?
And in parrallel are overhunted mobs, where both loot distribution and MU crashes.
Kerberos professional hunters sure need their butts kicked.

Since im at it, @StevieB skills have no value. ESIs have.

Ill finish saying that chasing the HoF is a garanteed loss.

So ya, it is very complicated to draw a single picture for all and generalize, since everyone’s game and goals are very different, but i still find it funny that this frustration post i wrote a while ago is still 100% true as we speak, and i suppose, will stay true for a very long time 😅

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