Lotus Armor... And after that?


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We know that several mission chains on DSEC-9 and Toulan are connected, giving specific rights in addition to rewards obtained at each stage.

For example, to be able to start the Crossover Mission Chain it is necessary to have previously completed the initial missions on DSEC-9 and received a Laptop 04. The Crossover Mission Chain is itself a series of missions ending with the acquisition of Guardian status and the reward of a Silver Crown. It is this Guardian status that allows you to loot key components in Lotus Instances necessary to obtain a Solo Gold Instance Key with which you can enter the Lotus Gold Instance where it is possible to loot Lotus Armor parts.

And now I ask myself a question. Is obtaining Lotus Armor parts, and possibly a full set, the end point of these missions? Or will there be a continuation? Will the ownership of Lotus Armor give some privileges and the right to access certain places or additional missions?
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