Malgar Helmet, Horned Discovery

I am very pleased to announce that I have been fortunate enough to find a new discovery today!

Back in March I was lucky enough to win the UL Malgar helm.

Shortly, after a few weeks of grinding chapters I was able to get my horns.

Today I was able to discover the first merge of the Malgar helmet and horns, and the second overall Monria UL helm merge.

I can't wait to see the other two merge discoveries when they happen.

Thanks Monria team! That mission was a grind but was worth it!

Gl to everyone on that mission! :thumbsup

Best Wishes,

Quiet Jay Shadows

Entropia 2020-04-11 16.47.23.png

Entropia 2020-04-11 16.56.52.png

Entropia 2020-04-11 16.57.31.png


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Fantastic Jay :thumbsup ... when you PM'd me in the game I got excited and couldn't wait for you to post this with the photos, they are awesome screen shots.

Congratulations on the Malgar (Shoggoth) UL Helmet, and Gratz on merging the Horns of Z'agol with it. :jumpclap

Forgot to mention ... I like the way Pinthas is looking on while you are showing off the merged helmet. :D

The Pinthas (Cultist) UL Helmet and Shade (Shub) UL Helmet still haven't been merged yet.
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