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Monria Bug list below, any bugs added in the Master bug list sub-forum will be added here and linked back:


  1. Display areas not working in Cthylla Towers Shops - seems - Fixed VU 0.1 waiting confirmation from shop owners
  2. In both tower shops name of avatar who bought item is not displayed
  3. Monria Hub main display area is bugged, Moon Manager cannot add signs - Fixed VU 0.1
  4. Surveying Mining mission rewards with Prospecting not Surveying (Zoldenite I-VI) - Fixed VU Zero
  5. Cthylla Tower Shops cannot use the Home teleport function
  6. EU client loader splash screen shows Calypso not Monria
  7. A break from insanity is buuged - Fixed VU 0.1
  8. floating ReplaceMe balls in Apartments - Fixed VU 0.1
  9. The mission “DSEC: Spawn of Shub-Niggurath V” is not repeatable - Fixed VU 0.1
  10. Cannot progress for the mission “DSEC has an eye on you” to “Get the ooze” - Fixed VU 0.1
  11. Lighting issue in Apartment towers - Fixed VU 0.1
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