Meaning of Nawa Force?

Eleni Von Estlla

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So i still wonder what is this section about?

I am guessing that Nawa force would be related either to Mindorce or Nawa operated gear (weapons, armors, plates).

There is few weapons yet to be released indeed, but most are oriented melee, laser and BLP.

Hareeq is sure explosives as for a rocket launcher.

Only one i see if no mindforce is the Damar launcher.

I will now suggest/speculate,
But as Calypso has its Marber series, Arkadia the Eron series, Cyrene the Howler S.4, Rocktropia the Baringer (BLP but Plasma damage type); Would the Damar Launcher be a high end Plasma weapon??

I would also suggest , as we do have our own ressource (Nawa), would it be possible to make a plasma weapon using Nawa Vial as ammo?

Yes im oriented plasma so i do suggest this taking party, but i still find the idea interesting, as theres ton of options for laser/BLP already.

Just like explosives need (now) crafted ammos, why not using the Nawa?
This would restrict a bit the upcoming gear for the use of the locals and possibly intensify the PEDrolls on ressources and the fights at the temple?

Nawa so far is used in crafting, but not really in demand now the sweetglow madness has cooled down.

I would love to see a Nawa skill poping up affecting specific Toulan gear, like Arkadia has its Treasure hunting and Cyrene has planned Mechs, but i ignore how comlicated it would be to work this out with MindArk (work on Toulan team side, cost, Work on Mindark side).

That was just an idea to throw to the team :)

Be safe,

Miles Stardust

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i'll add my two pec's

I think the dev's suggested (in an old post) that they had Nawa powered vehicles - which would make sense as way to restrict what vehicles can be used on to Toulan - namely those fueled by Nawa. The explanation is that the Nawa Force radiation present on Toulan interferes with the carbon based fuels (oil) that power everything else.

This will keep wildly inappropriate or unsuitable vehicles from spoiling both the feel and the game playing aspects unique to Toulan, as well as increase the need for Nawa, which is already used in a wide variety of blueprint categories - including the new instance keys.

On another level, the back story is based on both the power and danger of Nawa Force in equal measure. The color shifting of different maturities of the native creatures is an effect of their increased exposure to Nawa radiation. (Sunjoq's just get smaller.) The Mokhat is the most completely mutated mob, shaped by extreme conditions of the highly toxic Jelly Zone. Their insides flow with it like lava.

Bringing Nawa Force under control is the key to restoring the peace and promise of Toulan, losing control of this potent force would send us back into the dark ages that we are striving to escape.

All of that surely leaves room for a forum category :)

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Eleni Von Estlla

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Now thats very interesting Miles,

You resumed in few lines what took me a novel to try explain in my world lol

Regarding vehicles operated throught Nawa i cant but aggree as they indeed do a shy appearance in the early storyline ->


that would make sense indeed but hmmm i think we dont really need vehicules still on Toulan.
Especially considering the Aggro range and pools of mobs, but i dunno, who knows :p

Sunjoqs are described as Jeef rides aswell. So... maybe :p
would be crazy but im going off topic now.
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