MINI SAGE II! Swunt And Giveaway Extravaganza Monria 2nd April 2021

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Hi all,

After getting agreement and permission from Cerealkiller (thank you:) and the success of the SAGE IX on Next Island and our First MINISAGE I on Toulan, the Crowbar Crew and Bonnie are taking it upon ourselves to organize the Second MINI SAGE Event! This event will be held on the 2nd of April on Monria!

The Third Collaborative stream event with Bonnie and Wrench, hoping to bring the different styles together to showcase an epic event - in cooperation with the Awesome Virtualsense Development Team.


(Banner made by Jo from the Entrolympics, TY JO!)

Back ground story: 'The Battle of Monria'

'After narrowly escaping the Ancient Evil encountered on their travels:

The Crowbar Crew are ready to return to the dreaded Monria Moon. This time however they do not return alone.... We call upon Settlers and Colonists from all planets to join us in this event and ensure our efforts to Colonize Monria are not in vain! Whilst keeping the first waves of evil creatures at bay we will require multiple Swunt teams to gather Sweat and Hunt creatures before our trusty allies in the form of Bonnie's Uber army arrive. Only then we will be strong enough to face the Ancients Evil Spawns of Monria'

Please note that for hunting the Boss Spawns during this event you do NOT need to sign up, only show up:D
For the Swunt part you will need to sign up either here or on the Crowbar Crew Discord (see below):D

Expect massive Sweat Buys, crazy giveaways, armies of hunters, nail-biting fights against waves of enemies....

We will have multiple Swunt teams on Monria to assist us and where our Team captains give out weapons + 3 ped ammo and buy up to 3 k Sweat per team member for 2.5 ped 1k.

The whole event will be live-streamed first by and then the event will continue on with giveaways and special prizes on both our streams

A couple of differences:

This Mini Sage II will be held on the Monria Moon!

Due to my non-profit stream we are paying this Community Event ourselves with the help of many sponsors thus this MINISAGE event will be, as ever, limited to 100 Players from a cost-control perspective. More people can only be added when I secured enough funding to add more teams:D (I/E. the last event was 100 people but ended with 110 people due to increased funding) Players will need to sign up on this Forum post and will be added to teams.

Bonnie has arranged the Entertainment for our Uber friends and more info will Follow and I will link her Thread here when she has everything confirmed with the devs:
Nothing less than a army of hunters will do! Hunters from all over the universe - Its time to join forces once again...

Warp Times: As always, be careful with your loot, Log out when you are on our Warp Ship and only Log back in when told too.

1st April:

This 1 day earlier warp is for people who cant make the 2nd of April warp to Monria and will be during my stream leaving from Toulan.

2nd of April:

17.00 Live stream starts!
17.30 Warp from Camp icarus, Calypso. We do this early so we have enough time to set up people on their spaces and teams
18.00 Warp from Guardian Village, Toulan
18:30 AUTHORIZED team leaders will distribute 3 ped of ammo and a free herman ark-0 at our Swunt location (TBD keep an eye on this forum for more info)
19.00 Swunt start! FREE Healing will be provided by AUTHORIZED team leaders and everybody swunts.
21:00 AUTHORIZED team leaders will then gather up to 3k of sweat from each player at a premium rate of 2.5/k
21.30 For the hunting portion we will follow The Virtualsense Devs & Bonnie! And await the epic arrival of the Ubers! Mobs on Spawns are shared mobs! The spawn Location for this event will be made known at a later date and we will transport anyone who needs it.
22.00 And onwards, we will Switch to our reinforcements on Bonnie's stream and attack the Boss Spawn!

Return Warps:

Sunday 4th of April during my stream around 19.00 MA Time: Calypso and Toulan

We urge people to stay the whole weekend as we are organizing some Saturday activities with hunting and a Sunday event: More info to follow.

Plz be 30 mins earlier each warp to get into teams and be summoned up!

Feel free to use the Crowbar crew discord for further assistance during the event: Join the Wrench_Crowbar Discord Server!

I will use Cereals rules in addition to my own for a succesful event:

Words of Wisdom:

1. Please do not just show up and make a team, we will not give u anything.

2. There is a Free Warp back to Calypso only on Sunday the 4th of April at 19.00 MA time. to Calypso & Toulan You can, of course, make your own way back to Caly or other planets after the event.

3. There will be Assistance in getting down to the planet but if at all possible please arrange for this on your own or take people with you if you can.

4. We know some people will exploit this event just to get free gear and/or free warps then not participate and yes this is disappointing and not what we are trying to achieve but as Cereal advised: Just because some people are different does not mean we shouldn't be who we are and pay for a massive Community Event/ super fun party.

5. If you have been identified as exploiting a previous event or are on my personal ignore list or banned from previous events you are not welcome at (Mini) SAGE events (This includes both Cereals list and my own!).

End notes:

This is our third time organizing an event of this magnitude and as always we ask you to please be patient if something goes wrong:D

Keep an Eye on this thread as there might be updates or important information added at a later stage!

Be aware that lag can be an issue in the Special hunting part as there will be many mighty hunters and new people alike in the area after the Swunt Part. Do not let it spoil the fun though:D

Also I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Sponsors so far for MINI SAGE II:
Lilly Kerts, KillerDawg, Rotiv, Babs & the whole TusaLusa Society, all Crowbar Crew members, The Virtualsense Team, Sithmeister and the Sith family, Fellow Streamer Little Star, BIGT the Trader, THE Larry: Red Ped - Warp Services, Events and More, Dewdrop.

More Sponsors to be added:

50 Herman arks sponsored
Still needed 50
Sweat buy 100 k Sponsored
Still needed 200 k
Shrapnel 300 Ped covered!
Healing Tools 100 Ped Done!
A lot of random giveaways
Working on it:D
100 Leprechauns! Done!

I am still looking for more sponsors so if you feel called to help out in this awesome community event please contact me on forums or in game:D

We hope to see you there!

Bonnie & Wrench
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Reserved for OP:D

This post will be updated so if u dont see your name yet but signed up just wait:D
Captains still need confirming but adding following names already:

Jo Johaoninho90 jo

Reserve Captain:

Sign ups:

Captain: Droideka
2) Nobody SoyFancyHat Here
3) Ildiko LittleBerry Igloi
4) Doc Orbitorb Gamer
5) Jakub Hlavicka Pospichal
6) Avum AL AL
7) Dewdewdropdrop
8) Jari De Ruimtepiraat
9) (Matrek)
10) Nakor of Boreft
11) Anuthik The Goliath

Team Arkadian
13) Joy Leent Wellborn
14) Sergey AngryRussianHorse Loshad74
15) Mark Craftmeister Cheepos
16) Lavender Lava Scent
17) Nikolay KolyaPlay RUS
18) fire eashooko175 draak
19) NetZenos NetZenos Nick
20) Anthony Gray Stark
21) Pollianna cat1000er Fairling
22) Stephen Kai Jackson

Team Timelord:
24) Beni mons Benjoue
25) Flynn Kybo
26) Lord Ursolinko Thefirst
27) Netzenos Netzenos Nick
28) Ever Speedtrap Rest
29) Zilestian Zessti Dru
30) Galaxy Wiseman Universe
31) Nirvana Niri Nori
32) Mirda CDUBWhiskey Six

Team Avy Leigh
33) Amara sH33p101 Mistan
34)Ivan Ahzar Pupkin
35)Crys SaltyCheese Tal
36)weeeeeeeLittle JJ killerOfWhatever
37)Al mplox bundy
38)Mathias Panda Bro
39)La Dela Dalinha
40) Alek Gozzy Abernor
41)white theone dragon
42)royal ninja rumble
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For starters, plenty super Kudos for the effort made for the short film: The Ghosts of Monria. Nicely done!! :jumpclap
As a helping hand, a couple of creature control pills for the Cult of the Skull members, especially the rare second entity ones, could be super brilliant for the next chapter in the story. :thumbsup

As for the Sage Event, please include me in a team if possible:
Mark Craftmeister Cheepos

Ty, GL, HOF and ATH to all,

CM :toast
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