MINI SAGE III Swunt And Giveaway Extravaganza Monria 23rd of October 2021


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I couldn't agree with you more Wrench ... when the community comes together to produce events like this it's nothing less than amazing, and I know it takes a coordinated effort to produce these kinds of event, especially when there are so many components involved.

I spent some time on your stream during the Mini-SAGE portion of the events, but was also in the game checking out the 5 swunt teams and how well they were doing ... I captured some photos, but I know Bettley was capturing video footage and I can't wait to see what he does with it all, including the boss waves portion, he's such a fantastic video editor.

When you and your stream followers raided Bonnies stream it was epic ... so much fun to not only be in the middle of the action, but to watch how it unfolded on Bonnie's stream as well, from Monria to Calypso, and it was nice of MA Official Zeus to show up for some healing at Monria too, but I have to say ... MA really brought the pain at the Calypso portion of the boss waves, wow.

A HUGE thank you goes to you Wrench and Bonnie for coordinating these two events, they always turn out so fantastic, and of course to all those who support, sponsor and participate in these events ... just brilliant. :thumbsup

And OMG ... to know the next Mini-SAGE and Boss Waves Event will be on Toulan in Dec is awesome news. 💜

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.


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Now that was some real busy times :D
I made 50gb of footage in that short time. I tried my best to capture everyone and at times sweat circles broke off so hard I lost my track, so I am really hoping I didn't leave anyone out. But I am pretty sure some people are recorded twice 😂

I would like to thank for patience from majority of players on boss wave event for using a vehicle, which might have added to the lag. Also special thank you to DME, who made sure everyone knew I was allowed to do so.

I am hoping to release the video before the next SAGE event in December, but I can't promise anything as life is way too random. Also not sure if video can be much better than last one because it is hard to do something new or fresh on same location and more or less same event. But will do my best as usual :)
I would also like to thank TheLarry for providing some footage from Calypso part of the event. That way whole event was captured on film.

Overall I am happy to be part of such an awesome community ❤


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