Mining Awards Mission From Thana | How to Restart to Gain Maro Stone Awards


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It was reported that the Ore "Maro" wasn't included in the Mining Awards Mission that you take from the NPC Thana next to the Information Booth at the Citadel. When the Mining Awards Mission (Ores/Enmatter) was turned on, this one was missed. Kendra contacted MA and the Maro Stone awards mission has now been turned on.

In doing this, she also added an option to restart any of the missions just in case any of you had abandoned them.

So, if you have started the missions already, go back to Thana and you will have an option to scan your missions.

In order to get the Maro Stone mission, you have to go to Thana and request to scan your Ore missions:


And then choose Maro Stone:



Everyone who took the mission will need to do this, otherwise you will not be able to get the overall prize for Ores because all Ores need to be done.
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