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NPC -- Mining Guild Representative
Location -- Monria Hub -- 2nd Floor -- opposite end of the Trade Center -- 38147, 22079, 212

Additional Information
  • while the dialogue of these missions asks you to help map resources on Calypso ...
  • --- this also applies to Monria
  • all resources listed may not be available on Monria, but you can check that here
  • you can complete mining missions from other planets on Monria and ...
  • --- complete Monria mining missions elsewhere
  • keep in mind -- that Monria is indoor mining
  • Maladrite Stone and Zoldenite Dust are mining resources exclusive to Monria
  • also -- there are no mining or hunting taxes on Monria
Reward -- a choice between increasing Mining or Prospecting skills


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What probe dropping equipment should I use for Belkar, Blausariam, Iron, Lysterium?

I used tt equipment and f101 but couldn't have much success.
In the DSEC Mining Camp and the DSEC Military Camp Domes on Monria, is there a 'Mining Tax' like on FOMA, or is it the standard loot system like Eudoria? If there is a tax like on FOMA, how much is it?

Eleni Von Estlla

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Monria is indoor mining but Dsec9 is not, and there are no mining or hunting taxes at either location.
You also have no tax pop up in the message center which confirms that.

Monria has Calypso resources as well as a couple Monria resources, and Dsec9 has Toulan resources.
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