Mirsal drop from crafting?


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Hi, I have done about 7k clicks on low level component bps. I know not a large sample, but I thought mahaps a single token or 2 would have dropped at this time.
Just would like to clarify Mirsal drops from crating only Toulan bps or any crafting that occurs on Toulan? to target efforts better.

*edit* Reread and seems only pages have a chance to drop from these activities. still wonder if it is all bps or only toulan bps, but I understand Mirsal doesn't just drop from activities now. leaving this here in case someone else has my same reading comprehension issues.
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Oh, I misunderstood you then Wren in Toulan chat ... Mirsal does not drop from crafting ... here is how you get Mirsal.

"Mirsal Tokens can be acquired from chests in the Instances, via Something Out of the Ordinary whilst mining and can still be exchanged for Sabikah from the Mirsal Exchanger."

That's from Ant's release notes ... maybe take some time to re-read the release notes.
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