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Hi everybody!

Us we can now see grinding Mirsal Tokens are only for estate so I decided to make this post because all we know after estate is sold out there will not be anymore token grinding because of MS Token trader low choice...

So is it possible to add more items for MS Token trader like:

1) unlimited armor with buffs (in set ofc 3 5 7) - every planet has their own armor set (epic) why Toulan shouldnt have? (Mentoring armor doesnt count here)
2) some epic cloth like smugllers cloth (on Ark planet)
3) some weapons - something like daily token trader @ Caly

That would rise up purpose to do grind for MS Tokens who doesnt want estate and would make to come more people to Toulan to get "new items" 🙄

Ofc I have no idea what's coming up on new VU so I cant' see future so don't kill me if that's already in your plans on March VU 😎
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