Mirsal Tokens from "card" instances.

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Hi all hope you are well! :D
I decided finally post this information for these people who still might have some questions about "card" instances.
So to get full set you 360 Mirsal Tokens then you can trade with NPC for 3 different cards ( 80+120+160).
80 - easy 120 - medium and 160 hard us I could call them 😎

I have information about easy and medium "card" instances. So let's go for info:

Easy one:

Total run cost is between 4-5 Ped per run which includes - chip, extender, implant, armor, heal, key and loot what you get after each run also includes 23-25 Ped Universal Amo.

From them heal is 0 and key cost if you buy around 0.4-0.5 Ped (you can make yourself).

To get 40k tokens for smallest one apartment you will need around 900 runs 😏 because average you will get between 40-45 tokens per run and do not forget that a lot of times you will get 0 tokens from loot box us me. My luckiest strike so far is 4 loot boxes with 0 tokens in row 😁.

You will need us I said around 900 runs and 1 run is 10 minutes long so total you will need around 150 hours in this instance to get all 40k tokens.

P.s. do not forget when you loot boxes tt value includes token value too so if you want to farm them in row you will need a lot free peds in your pocket or farm them daily from your small profit or sweating OTK buys 1k sweat for 5 ped thats 1 time per day free instance 😎

Medium one:

Total run cost is between 9-11 Ped per run with the chip and and all stuff what I used. Boss here is 24 lv so with my evader 15 lvl I fly to teleport still 1-2 times depending from my luck because I use Musca armor and it hits me like 50-72 in one hit and I have 128 health :).

To get 40k tokens for smallest one apartment you will need around 400 runs 🙄 because average you will between 80-100 tokens per run and time is around 10 min because I use a bit stronger chip.

Total time you will need for 400 runs is 70 hours in this instance to get 40k tokens.

I use for smaller instance Lace Attack Nanochip 5 TEN Edition and for medium Cryo Attack chip 8 unlimited.

Us we see there are still 15 mil tokens needed to fill up towers 😁.

So if we can use this data for calculations then:
-) smallest one apartment costs 40k which is 4000-5000 Ped
-) booth 300k which is 30k Ped
-) shop 1 mil which is 100k Ped
-) largest shop 1.6 mil which is 160k Ped

I hope this information a bit helps with Mirsal Token daily farming instances.

P.s. the best way loot MK core parts is medium instances 🙄

P.s. I think prices on Tokens must be at least 1500% MU that can make your run in profit but us long people are selling them for ORDERs like 900% and 925% the price soon on tokens will go down which I can not understand why people sell so cheap :oops.

P.s.s. Is it possible to rise nawa fragment drops ? because I spend yesterday in game 8 hours doing hunting mining and crafting and did not get any of nawa fragments :oops or is there and bug of them where they can be found faster then other places because us I see only one person sells them in 100 quantity in a day which to me looks like using game bug and not reporting about it and filling up pocket with illegal way.....

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Might be interesting to know which exactly set I use:

[Lacerating Attack Nanochip 5, TEN Edition] // [Cryogenic Attack Nanochip 8]
[NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 5 (L)]
[ArMatrix Extender P10 (L)]
[NeoPsion Mindforce Implant, Improved]

[Vivo S10]
[Musca Harness Adjusted (M)]
[Musca Shin Guards Adjusted (M)]
[Musca Arm Guards Adjusted (M)]
[Musca Thigh Guards Adjusted (M)]
[Musca Helmet Adjusted (M)]
[Musca Foot Guards Adjusted (M)]
[Musca Gloves Adjusted (M)]

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Tnx 🙄

More detailed decay on "Easy" run:

Lace 5 chip 1.01
Extender 0.11
Implant 0.28
Armor 0.12
Heal 0.00
Key 0.50
Universal Amo 23.00
Loot from boxes 20.00

So it depends form run might be small differences but its around 4-5 Ped run 🤗
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