Mirsal Tokens


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Yesterday I had a very nice surprize! I was mining around and 97 Mirsal Tokens popped in the loot window together with the claim deed... [system] you found something out of ordinary.
I talked with the persons online at the moment and it was something new for everyone.
Is it a new feature or someone already mined Mirsal Tokens before?
Hopefully next time something out of ordinary will be a Lost Page :laugh

Eleni Von Estlla

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I've heard this happening before, so its not new ; just extremely very very rare.
I have looted a x3 or x5 mirsal on a mob aswell, a mohkat, early 2021 ; Never happened again though.

Hopefully your next is a page :)

Littlestar b-k

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That particular option was added in this VU. So it has been there for a while.
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