Missing High level Wahesh


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Sounds like a good option for flora and fauna spawn, an island full of nothing and wahest in the water around it, or maybe a mixed instance with mobs on island and fish in the water .-)


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Nice ideas about a spawn in the sea but due to the mob description: " This rare, immense lake monster is a creature of legends. Many villagers and travelers believe him to be a myth, and those who set out to find him quickly find themselves on a dangerous journey. Known to be directly linked to Nawa sources beneath Al Hawa Lake. The Wahesh emits Nawa energy in sparks, making him highly sought-after by the Nawa-obsessed.!" I wouldn't make a mess in the good old MA style spawning mob randomly without any storyline.
Since the Wahesh is a lake monster I would make 2 spawns high and low maturities in 2 sections of the lake or make a new spawn on the other side of the dam.

About the large sea area would be lovely to see a new brand mob :)
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