Mokhat loot return

Hi all, 😎 after lots of talks decide to help out with some info while hunting mobs.
I will hunt specific mob with 100 Ped Ammo 10 times in different days and times total will be used 1000 Ped Ammo on mob (of course total amount of cycled ammo on mob will be more).

Wanted to see loot % of mob - will provide with detailed loot info.

Using my set Lace 5 Ten Edition + Amp5 + Implant 10% + Extender 10% some heals with vivo-s10 and some repair on my Musca armor.

At the end will provide statistics in separate post replay.

So let's go 🤗
Changes made publishing only return in % after hunt but total composition of all loot will be after all 10 hunts 😏

Run nr.2

Loot 127.98
Decay 117.60
Return 108.83%
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