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This section of the forum will be for Monria blueprints discussion only. You can add to this thread if you like, but you can also create your own on a specific Monria blueprint if you have questions or want to add additional information based on your experiences.

Xanato Kaso

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I made a thread but I will ask here too for an answer. The new blueprints that were released, the crit dmg scopes. they seem to be the only Toulan based attachments at the moment. So to discover them do I have to click other attachments or can any Toulan blueprint lead to their discover?

Eleni Von Estlla

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Ill copy what i wrote in the shout box:

  • Eleni Von Estlla:
  • We dont know what level Toulan BPs are though, so if the say, Level X BPs, youll have to craft pretty high level attachements BPs to loot them. 7 minutes ago

  • Eleni Von Estlla:
  • Works the other way too, if they are Lv II BPs, and you keep clicking Lv X BPs, you wont loot them either, so its tricky :p 5 minutes ago

Fancy layout from the copy/paste :O
Ill keep it that way!

Good luck!
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