Monria | Congratulations "Tina Zlobarkata SS" | 22,740k - Level 79 Shub


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Tina has been a frequent patron of our events on Monria, but it was some time ago that she approached me and asked if we could have an increased spawn of Shubs at all our events. I told her I would definitely give that some thought and have a chat with Ant about it.

She actually inspired me, because I had been thinking about changing things up a bit to make our events more interesting and engaging. I came up with an idea that I thought might work and discussed it with Ant. He agreed and we introduced the new increased mob spawn structure at our Monria Team 3 Yr Anniversary event on November 26, 2018.

All four Monria mobs are put into play for each event, and we added an additional increased mob spawn of the mob level just below the boss of each of the 4 mobs. This adds another option for those who like to hunt the higher level mobs without engaging the boss, which normally shows up in the wave events of each of the mobs. So far, this change seems to be doing quite well based on feedback.

Of course, during our bigger events, we usually do something extra, like at the St Patrick's Day event. :devil


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