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NPC -- Colonel Wang -- Monria community member avatar name -- Wangxiang WangXiang Tuxing
Location -- DSEC Military Camp
Coordinates -- 36905, 17856, 175 -- North of the TP around the rock wall in front of Wang's Pet Stable
Cool Down Time -- 16 hrs from the time you turn in the mission
Reward -- 2 Daily Tokens

Colonel Wang also offers a Taming Daily ... this mission will be posted in the Daily Missions section

Heads Up ... make sure you have the following missions in play as well:
If you do not have this TP, you can find the instructions for capturing it here

Also ... there are no hunting or mining taxes on Monria

Here are the screen shots of the initial dialogue:

Entropia 2019-05-30 17-08-44-29.png Entropia 2019-05-30 17-08-51-85.png Entropia 2019-05-30 17-10-38-68.png Entropia 2019-05-30 17-10-51-26.png Entropia 2019-05-30 17-11-10-04.png

Entropia 2019-05-30 17-11-21-55.png Entropia 2019-05-30 17-11-41-45.png Entropia 2019-05-30 17-11-46-35.png Entropia 2019-05-30 17-12-10-16.png
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