Monria Daily Pet Taming Mission


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NPC -- Colonel Wang -- Monria community member avatar name -- Wangxiang WangXiang Tuxing
Location -- DSEC Military Camp
Coordinates -- 36905, 17856, 175 -- North of the TP around the rock wall in front of Wang's Pet Stable
Cool Down Time -- 16 hrs from the time you turn in the mission

Initial activity -- tame 200 Green Leprechauns
Reward -- Leprechaun Plushie
Location of the Green Leprechauns -- 36576, 17640, 76
Note -- there are low-level Cultists in that area as well, but not many, easy to work around

After the initial 200 tamed Green Leprechauns, it turns into a daily to tame 50 Green Leprechauns
Reward -- 1 Daily Token
You can redeem Daily Tokens with the 3 Token Traders at the Monria Hub, 2nd Floor - 38147, 22079, 212

if you do not have this TP, you can find the instructions for capturing it here

Here are the screen shots of the initial dialogue:

Entropia 2019-05-30 17-15-27-75.png Entropia 2019-05-30 17-15-39-53.png Entropia 2019-05-30 17-15-43-69.png Entropia 2019-05-30 17-15-52-18.png

Entropia 2019-05-30 17-16-08-84.png Entropia 2019-05-30 17-16-40-72.png Entropia 2019-05-30 17-16-52-50.png Entropia 2019-05-30 17-17-11-57.png

Here is what the Leprechaun Plushie looks like:

Entropia 2019-06-01 13-14-15-22.png
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