Monria | Day after Valentine's Event banter ... had to capture this!


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While I was on ship duties with the Monria Fleet Manager, Po3blck started talking crazy in Monria chat, so I had to call him out on it ... LOL ... it was close to ship duties ending and I would be logging DME in soon to pay out more event ped prizes. Po was at Forensics waiting for his ped as well, the person who won the most ped this time at our event, so I'm sure he was anxious.

There was some fun banter going on in Monria chat and I just had to share it with you, but with one favor ... please don't show this to Gunner. :D

2019-02-17 21:59:35 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] to do list: 1) loot manequen pad 2) make it DME look alike 3) set it at caly apt and undress it 4) sell apt with pad to DME for one zillion peds
2019-02-17 21:59:57 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] oops wc
2019-02-17 22:00:43 [#monria] [Monria Fleet Manager] PO ... get ready for a smack down, I'm logging DME in now :p
2019-02-17 22:00:51 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] :D
2019-02-17 22:06:11 [#monria] [Lee Negated Dokken] You forgot the most important step.
2019-02-17 22:07:17 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] you might want to reconsider standing in line to collect your prize peds Po
2019-02-17 22:07:38 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] i am :)
2019-02-17 22:07:53 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] because after I'm done with Velizari, I'm going to beat the crap outta you for wanting to put me in a compromised position
2019-02-17 22:08:08 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] dont want to get too close to Velizari from behind . might consider it as harrasment
2019-02-17 22:08:12 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] :p
2019-02-17 22:08:14 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] haha
2019-02-17 22:08:37 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] DME i present this dance for you
2019-02-17 22:08:51 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] dont think you can get out of this one po lol
2019-02-17 22:09:10 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] I'm going to kick your ass Po, LOL
2019-02-17 22:09:15 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] xD
2019-02-17 22:09:18 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] i'm rdy for this
2019-02-17 22:09:20 [#monria] [Robert Bob Tabor] ouch
2019-02-17 22:09:22 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] i wouldnt want to be you right now lol
2019-02-17 22:09:38 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] except for prize payout that is :p
2019-02-17 22:10:21 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] ya, I'm not for sale at any cost, LOL
2019-02-17 22:10:35 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] hey Robert, you afraid of me yet, LOL
2019-02-17 22:10:38 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] is the fish you holding to beat po down for sale? :p
2019-02-17 22:10:44 [#monria] [Robert Bob Tabor] nah xD
2019-02-17 22:10:46 [#monria] [JAN SKULL van de Ven] thats fine you come into lootable pvp with me
2019-02-17 22:10:49 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] we will pay with candies and cookies
2019-02-17 22:11:15 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] Skull, when do you get to be nice to me
2019-02-17 22:11:16 [#monria] [Robert Bob Tabor] have to learn alot i guess
2019-02-17 22:11:49 [#monria] [JAN SKULL van de Ven] just teasing ilke how manage monria
2019-02-17 22:11:58 [#monria] [JAN SKULL van de Ven] i like*
2019-02-17 22:12:01 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] :)
2019-02-17 22:12:02 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] yap Robert. First lesson. Press right click on mouse-Emote-Dance-Sexy
2019-02-17 22:12:10 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] lol
2019-02-17 22:12:21 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] Noooooooooooo
2019-02-17 22:12:56 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] repeat after me
2019-02-17 22:13:17 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] repeat after me ... Po is on the crap list
2019-02-17 22:13:27 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] nooooooo
2019-02-17 22:13:35 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] dung for po!!!
2019-02-17 22:13:49 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] free dung?!?!
2019-02-17 22:13:51 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] ya, that's what that means, give po a lot of dung
2019-02-17 22:14:02 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] wish we could split them and throw them lol
2019-02-17 22:14:06 [#monria] [JAN SKULL van de Ven] repeat after me po is bedpan in dutch
2019-02-17 22:14:16 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] LOL
2019-02-17 22:14:21 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] u all should aware i'll make cookies from that and bring it next event :3
2019-02-17 22:14:28 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] LOL
2019-02-17 22:14:43 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] Robert, you will learn (if not already) how crazy this community is, BUT ...
2019-02-17 22:14:47 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] ok ill mention it to gunner so he gets first dibs on those cookies :p
2019-02-17 22:14:52 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] you won't find better ... we love them immensely
2019-02-17 22:15:01 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] lolz
2019-02-17 22:15:21 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] its chocolate chip...really..
2019-02-17 22:15:46 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] OMG ... *wonder if I should give a heads up to Gunner that he's going to be blindsided
2019-02-17 22:15:56 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] na, i wanna see this lol
2019-02-17 22:16:01 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] LOL
2019-02-17 22:16:15 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] xD
2019-02-17 22:16:22 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] just hand him the whole poo poo platter
2019-02-17 22:16:26 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] lol
2019-02-17 22:16:37 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] bet he cant eat just one
2019-02-17 22:16:48 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] we're not talking Lays chips here
2019-02-17 22:17:03 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] still bet he cant eat just one :p
2019-02-17 22:17:31 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] just tell him you got a bulk deal with Hershey's and you're sharing
2019-02-17 22:17:38 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] omg lol
2019-02-17 22:17:50 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] giving po too many ideas i think :p
2019-02-17 22:18:00 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] tell him Po shared his resource
2019-02-17 22:18:51 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] i copy whole chat now
2019-02-17 22:18:56 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] LOL
2019-02-17 22:19:10 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] ok if he wants to beat me up, ill be in space :p
2019-02-17 22:19:30 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] but Po, we LOVE you on Monria :)
2019-02-17 22:20:07 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] gunners prices jump up 2%...4%..10% for each cookie he eats
2019-02-17 22:20:16 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] LOL
2019-02-17 22:20:46 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] lol
2019-02-17 22:20:57 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] I'll bet Po is going to warn Gunner by putting the chat at the forum, LOL
2019-02-17 22:21:08 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] i dont doubt it lol
2019-02-17 22:21:29 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] and ruin surprize?
2019-02-17 22:21:33 [#monria] [debud po3blck avizov] hell no
2019-02-17 22:21:37 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] ill be afraid what he wants to charge me for a stack of muscle oil after he sees this :p
2019-02-17 22:21:45 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] LOL
2019-02-17 22:21:55 [#monria] [Dark DarkMoonEnigma Enigma] I might copy this chat and post it :p
2019-02-17 22:22:04 [#monria] [chris moneyme mo] lol


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I think if you posted ALL the crazy chat logs that happen on Monria you could write a book. :)
How inspiring are YOU. :D

I wish I had a gazillion more hours in a day to act on the inspirations this community has given me. However, when I find a free moment or two I might have a look at my chat logs and pull some stuff together to put into a downloadable PDF like the books Anny and I are producing ... might be some fun stuff for sure.

I still have to find time to put together the video footage I took from the Shub wave. I think I got some good stuff, even though it's a shame that the timing of being away from the wave area too long cancels it out. When facing the boss at level 182, which you guys were doing a great job of, it's inevitable that all team members will be dead at the same time and not be able to get back to the boss in time. I am addressing this with Ant and hopefully we can get it adjusted.
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