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I don't think it's a secret that purple is my favorite color, and I am known in EU for this ... well, Filthy McNasty gave me a gift on Wednesday night that began the transition of my penthouse in the Cthylla Tower being turned into the Purple Penthouse.

He gave me a purple floor lamp and I found a 2nd one on auction ... here is the result ... I'm going to post them full size so you don't have to open them up from a thumbnail.

Anny took the photos ... thank you my media hot shot. :purpleheart

If you fancy seeing this in person, it's Cthylla Tower, 10th Floor, Penthouse 6.

Entropia 2019-06-06 01.22.02.jpg

Entropia 2019-06-06 01.23.21.jpg

Entropia 2019-06-06 01.24.48.jpg

Entropia 2019-06-06 01.24.52.jpg

Entropia 2019-06-06 01.28.28.jpg

Entropia 2019-06-06 01.28.46.jpg

Entropia 2019-06-06 01.30.21.jpg

Entropia 2019-06-06 01.30.36.jpg

Entropia 2019-06-06 01.33.11.jpg
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