Monria Event | Sat, June 12th | 00:00 - 23:59 Game Time | A Clear & Present Danger


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For years, we have fought against an unsolicited barrage of fauna across Monria at the hands of Decca, Leader of the Cult of Shut'thend, knowing that the goal was to destroy us and take back control of what they claimed to be theirs. The demise of the previous colony was evident based on only a few survivors who were found walking around dazed and incoherent. The Monria Archives & Research Center (MARC) had little to no recorded documents as to what had occurred prior to the new governing body taking over, but DSEC Forensics had produced plenty of discovered data that there was something seriously going wrong on Monria.

Just recently, we learned that the multitude of attacks by Monria creatures was not only a distraction, but a calculated effort to keep us from discovering the truth about what was going on behind the scenes, and who was involved. The abandoned mine may have been closed with an indication that it was under construction, but now we know that something more sinister has been going on that could have a devastating affect on Monria. We need to continue to keep things in check and further our investigation of the advancement of the Artificial Intelligence Project being conducted on the newly discovered DSEC-9 and confront the danger.

We know that Trip Kaminsky, one of Monria's top scientists from the Deep Space Extraction Corporation (DSEC) had met with HM Queen Nara from Toulan on the very day that the equipment in the now abandoned mine had been shut down and the entrance to the mine closed. What we don't know is what this meeting was about, which makes it quite mysterious to say the least, and Trip was never able to meet up with Nara again. Then there was also the Stranger from Toulan who was reported to have been using Dark Nawa who met with Decca on Monria's surface through a portal that Decca created to receive her secret visitor.

There was always a division of DSEC focused on outer world research, but it was discovered that a group of highly skilled scientists across many disciplines were more secretive and kept their goings on cloistered from the rest. This research turned into a dangerous Artificial Intelligence experiment that has no signs of ever letting up, but rather a noted renewed dedication to moving their efforts forward with more research and more potential unwitting victims.

There is no doubt that Decca is also a driving force behind these efforts in an attempt to use this advanced technology for the good of her cause, and we have no idea how she plans to put this to use on Monria. However, the one thing we do know, is that she will continue at all cost to send forth the Monria creatures as a distraction to minimize our time to explore what is truly going on and what damage it could cause to our overall existence.

One thing is very clear ... we must now coordinate our efforts to control the creatures on Monria, and give the team we have assembled an opportunity to investigate the dangerous activity happening on DSEC-9 that could have devastating effects not only on Monria, but Toulan as well.

KEEP IN MIND ... this is Monria only, there are no Monria mobs at DSEC-9, the DSEC-9 photo in the banner relates to storyline and the struggles that Monria has been going through. Only Monria mobs are listed below and eligible for prizes.

Date | Saturday, June 12th
Time | 00:00 -to- 23:59 game time
(to determine game time -- click on your System tab in the chat box and then press U ... or
press the period key if you haven't remapped your keyboard since the graphics update)
Location | Entire Moon

  • you do not need to register at EntropiaLife for this event ... globals/hofs are automatically recorded
  • please ask questions in Monria chat and refrain from PM'ing DME if at all possible
  • be considerate of your fellow participants during the event
  • --- this includes not cluttering TP areas in the craters with vehicles and/or landing on top of people
  • --- when going back out into the field, please be considerate of where you land and pick up vehicles
  • --- turrets don't work during our events, so please don't drag mobs to the TP areas
  • teams must have the name Monria in the team name to be eligible for prizes
  • please do not use symbols in your team name so it gets into the filter for the event data spreadsheet
  • please register your Team Name and Team Leader in this thread
  • --- any prizes won will be given to the Team Leader for distribution
  • societies cannot have more than one team name with their society name in it
  • if you hire a healer and don't team, your globals/hofs will count as Solo entries
  • if you team with a healer, or anyone else, your globals/hofs will count as Team entries
  • all of Monria is open to those who wish to participate in the mining portion of the event
  • if you get a claim in an area where you are challenged to excavate it because of mobs ...
  • --- ask in Monria chat to see if any of our VCAT members are available to assist

Date | Saturday, June 12th -- Time Begins | 00:00 game time -- Time Ends | 23:59 game time
Location | Entire Moon -- (see specific increased mob spawn locations in the link below)

Right click on the following links and open in a new tab -- these are PDF files for downloading:

Increased Mob Spawn Locations
Monria Mob Levels / HP - Wave Locations - Pets - Yogs Burrow Sweating

Also, here are links to help you navigate Monria, but also find items in shops and shopkeepers:
Right click on the links to open in a new tab.

Monria Interactive Map
Monria Shops Inventory Tool

HEADS UP ... if you haven't done so already, make sure you pick up the:
For those still working on the chapters mission (The Order of the Elder Gods), here is Ant's response to those who have made comments, suggestions, and have questions -- hopefully this will help.

This too is a downloadable PDF file -- right click and open in a new tab.

Chapters Mission -- Ant's Statement
  • Single Highest Global/HoF -- Shoggoth -- Prize -- 200 PED -- Gorec Berga Bergus
  • Single Highest Global/HoF -- Yog -- Prize -- 200 PED -- Elric Amadeus Bent
  • Single Highest Global/HoF -- Cultist -- Prize -- 200 PED -- Wangxiang WangXiang Tuxing
  • Single Highest Global/HoF -- Shub -- Prize --> 200 PED -- boa crusher snake
  • Highest Team Global/HoF -- Shoggoth -- Prize --> 200 PED -- Monria K0lb&Cool_guys
  • Highest Team Global/HoF -- Yog -- Prize --> 200 PED -- USSR on Monria
  • Highest Team Global/HoF -- Cultist -- Prize --> 200 PED -- CT on Monria
  • Highest Team Global/HoF -- Shub -- Prize --> 200 PED -- (no Team winner)
  • Highest global/hof on any ore/enmatter -- 200 PED -- Eneko En3ko Quetetrillo
  • First Lowest global on any ore/enmatter -- 100 PED -- Crazy TeraDonte Tapok
  • Last Lowest global on any ore/enmatter -- 100 PED -- Anda StarTrek Adam

There was a total of 294 globals/hofs during the 24 hr event time.

You can see all of the results in Ant's spreadsheet here where individual global/hof totals are included.
Right click and open in a new tab.
  • Solo Hunting, Team Hunting
  • you can only win one Solo and one Team hunting prize
  • you can also win a mining prize based on the following rules
  • Mining
  • if you get the highest global/hof and one of the lowest globals ... you win the highest
  • if you win the highest, you are not eligible for either the first or last lowest global prizes
  • the person who wins the first lowest global is not eligible to win the last lowest global
  • if you get the first lowest global, you can continue mining toward getting the highest
  • Example ... you get the first lowest global and have the first recorded time
  • --- this means you win the first lowest global prize
  • --- but there's an incentive to continue mining to see if you can get the highest global/hof
  • --- if you do, then the person who had the lowest global with the time right after yours ...
  • ---------- would win the first lowest global prize
  • Additional Information
  • you can win prizes in solo/team hunting and mining based on the above rules
  • in case of a draw for any of the prizes, the first recorded time will apply
  • Anhithe will extract the data from EntropiaLife after the event and determine the winners
  • --- he will also create a gobal/hof data spreadsheet that will be posted with the results
  • the results will be added to the first post in this event thread sometime on Sunday
(formerly known as the South and West Craters)
  • from the DSEC Forensics Crater, go SE to the abandoned mine, follow the road
  • --- coordinates of the abandoned mine are --- [38487, 19936, 31]
  • --- be mindful that there are Yogs outside the abandoned mine entrance
  • --- they should be mostly off to the left unless someone aggro'd them
  • --- use the insta-teleporter just inside the abandoned mine
  • --- this will take you to the DSEC Mining Camp crater ... capture the TP and then ...
  • from the DSEC Mining Camp TP follow the road out to the abandoned mine
  • --- coordinates of the abandoned mine are --- [37744, 17987, 110]
  • --- use the insta-teleporter just inside the abandoned mine
  • --- this will take you to the DSEC Military Camp crater ... capture the TP

Groovy Monria Moon

Team Leader: Lady Ladyburn Land

USSR on Monria
Team Leader: Morning Monria Star

CT on Monria
Team Leader: Crazy TeraDonte Tapok

EntropiaRO on Monria
Team Leader: Anda StarTrek Adam

Monria Deserters
Team Leader: Thomas Devilstealth Vanauken

Monria K0lb&Cool_guys
Team Leader: Tony K0lb0sa K0lbasters

Monria Community Assistance Team
Team Leader: Gredrrik Alhakekhist Malgar


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