Monria | Guess Trip Kaminsky's St Patrick's Day Event Mission Prize


Hard to guess on that are some thoughts...

a green suit, green hat , green clothes in general, new monria vehicle , new green pet , mining stuff , green armor ?`, new crafting blueprint , skill pill , unique starter monria weapon (eq. bukin or such) ,

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Well, just had a nap and some new ideas assuming it is bigger than a breadbox, how about a St Patricks's Strongbox, any classified strongbox or leprechaun gold that has been mined by leprechauns on Monria no Monrian ever found yet...did I mention that my normal thinking starts after I have had a cup of coffee after I wake up from sleep..:laughing2:laughing2:laughing2 Ant said he wasn't planning to add any different ores to Monria but being St Patrick's Day and all, maybe and Irish miracle happened....

Never know on Monria....:wavinghands:wavinghands:wavinghands

Zarnia Foxtrot

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lol..but as a special note, I know alot of ideas (most of mine) do cost a good amt of ped to do..

For me in general, I always try to have higher hopes that the reward of the mission is worth the effort and amt of ped put into the mission to get it. Alot of mission in EU don't come close to that but I'm hoping that changes as EU/Monria develops more. 3K in yogs...hymmm.. what would be a good reward for that?...We will all be finding out soon enough...

So, thanks for your innovation and efforts in building Monria....:):):)


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So, who was a winner?
All of the winners will be posted on Monday after Ant extracts the data and gives me the results. He will create a spread sheet of all the data and that will be posted for viewing too. People will receive there prizes from the event for the hunting, team hunting and mining sometime on Monday, and the winner of the guessing contest will be posted as well. :)
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