Monria | Hidden Crystal Cavern | Yog Hatchlings / Yog Horror / Rare Leprechauns


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Below is the location of the underground Hidden Crystal Cavern where you will find our Yog Hatchlings (Common), Yog Horror (Rare), and Leprechauns (Blue, White, Gold - Rare) that are able to be tamed. Start at Cave 3 TP. I have added the coordinates as well. When you reach the coordinates, face South and walk through around the rocks. I have included a map photo, and a photo of me standing in front of the entrance so that you know what it looks like. I lightened up the photo a bit so that you could see it better.

The Hidden Crystal Cavern is a large area, so have fun exploring. :)

Here is a link to further information on the Monria Pets ...

Hidden Crystal Cavern Entrance Coordinates --- [36054, 22896, 66]


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