Monria Hoax


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Despite my own peach fuzz there is no doubt that a good lather is half the shave.

On Monria we love to project ahead and are therefore busy all year round in preparation for the special occasion.

Envision Shoggoths neatly moisturizing greeting card envelopes, Shubs flap-folding cardboard wraps in one big swirl, Yogs clipping gift ribbon and arranging embellishments with abandon, Cultists sealing palettes for export with glowing hot glue hands and a horde of elfish mini-grinches with hats being responsible for dispatching, who are known for becoming extremely grumpy when some of the stuff gets lost between some rocks. At times a few goodies are rediscovered by chance. Expect the unexpected, as @DME puts it then.

Our headquarter is the cathedral-like Monria Hub, a cozy place where tremendous amounts of Nanocubes get transformed in the process, with an ever-crackling fireplace and abundantly decorated.

Together we are: Monria Hoax (Home of atmospheric X-mas)

Don't hesitate to visit a soc terminal. ;)
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