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The Sith Family had a small HoF last night.

We are pleased to introduce you to our new baby Daughter Leia.

Phot 2.jpg

We will see you all soon. We are all doing good and in good health.

Count and Bella are over the moon. I am sure we will see you all online soon. baby are doing very well.

Lots of Love
The Sith Family


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Congratulations to the Sith Family, and all the best with the new expansion. 💜

I can confirm how absolutely "over the moon" Sith is because I happened to check my Facebook last night and Sith immediately popped in on me in a private message. I think it wasn't even 2 hours after Leia was born, and he shared a photo with me. I could tell from his chat that he was bursting at the seams and very proud of his new daughter. I can only imagine Count and Bella's excitement.

BTW ... Leia's big sister Robyn is quite the cutie with that red hair ... I have loved watching the family photos on FB and how she has already grown, and now get to watch Leia grow as well.

Much happiness to you Sith, and the whole family ... I'm glad everything went well.
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