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Please use this section for all Monria missions discussion, either posting in this thread, or creating you own thread with questions or relevant information.

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Monria has a nice daily crafting mission. I red somewhere, probably on PlanetCalypsoForum, that you can craft on Calypso and get the reward on Monria and I know that's true since I got the reward on Monria sometime I was there even if I never crafted on Monria.
Lately I crafted om Next Island and Toulan and didn't get any reward on Monria, maybe I didn't clicked the amount needed but I really don't know or can confirm anything since I don't even remember what the Monria crafting mission require :D
Here comes the question: Can you craft anywhere on the Universe and get rewarded on Monria? or the rule apply just for the Calyspo?
And in this second scenario I'd like that also crafting on Toulan would be eligible to the mission.

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The reason why caly works afaik is because they are on the same server (Caly and Monria).
Thats not the case with other planets because they are on different servers.
I like the 2nd scenario idea but i think its easier if monria had its own daily and toulan had another.
And possibly even better for players since that would be two crafting dailies instead of one :D
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