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the horns do not work with adj viglanti helmet or gremlin face guard it take either one you have on off to were horns is there going to be a fix for this
You probably missed it Krackers, but the horns will not work with any Face Guard at this moment, but works with helmets that we have seen so far. With regard to any "Adjusted" helmet like the Vigilante one you mentioned, I passed a message on to Ant about it, because it very well could be that they don't work with the Adjusted stuff due to an inability to stack stats and the buff, we'll have to see how that works out.

Nice addition of photos Anny. :)

Eugenio Anhithe Wilde

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Hey all, some great photos!

There's two issues with the horns though and I just wanted to get the correct clarification before I explained it just in case...

  1. They are actually on backwards (the horns are supposed to protrude to the front). You'll see this if you look at the picture in last VU notes, looks like this was just an oversight.
  2. We should not be able to equip them with a helmet or an armour mask. This is because we shouldn't be able to equip two items in the head slot with attributes (in this case armour defense stats with the reload buff). I'm guessing this got through testing.
I am fully expecting there to be a patch that will make the horns something that cannot be worn with either a helmet or armour mask and that they face the correct direction, unless everyone prefers the horns the way they are....

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