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The Monria stable is located just North of the DSEC Military Camp teleporter ... [Monria, 36898, 17863, 177, Waypoint]

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The Pet Center Manager currently offers the three following buffs:

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Note: These buffs apply to the pet owner (and not to the actual pet). They act in the same way as buffs provided by consumables but they are only active if the pet is summoned and has reached the "Loved" affection level (75% affection).


In addition, an Animal Essence Extract facility is available.

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This facility extracts Animal Essence from any chosen pet, and this results in 1 to 3 containers of essence with a possibility of a rare variant. In the extraction process the pet is definitely destroyed, so be careful to only use unwanted pets for this purpose.

Monria's current pet population includes the Green Leprechaun located in the DSEC Military Camp, and the Yog Hatchling, Blue, White and Gold Leprechauns, and Yog Horror located in the Hidden Crystal Cavern underground.


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Congratulations Wang on winning the auction for the Monria Stable. With your knowledge, experience and background with taming, pets, and stables, not to mention your awesome and comprehensive website, this is perfect.

We are getting our own pet, but not until a VU after the Summer break, so perhaps this will be good for business, especially since we also now have Sweetstuff on the Moon. So far, I have only found it in the Main Crater, but could be elsewhere.

REALLY happy about this. :clap
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