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Anny and I are very pleased to present our third issue of the Monria Quarterly - June 2020. June's issue brings to light the mysteries of DSEC Forensics, and we highlight several of our Monria community members for their exceptional service and support, as well as a community member profile you might not otherwise expect. Of course, there are other articles, and we couldn't forget the fun stuff.

We may still make a few more tweaks to this issue, but the PDF file will be replaced if we do. We adhered to our proposed magazine length of between 25-35 pages depending on topics chosen, but there will always be an assortment of information and entertainment.

Here is the link to access the PDF file for viewing and downloading:
  • right click on the link and open in a new tab
  • you can read the magazine in single page mode in your browser -- it looks nicer, or
  • you can download the PDF file and open it up in Acrobat Reader
Monria Quarterly - June 2020

If you download the PDF and want to view it in proper two-page view, do the following:
  • click on View
  • then click on Page Display
  • then choose Two Page View
  • make sure to check mark the following as well
  • --- Show Gaps Between Pages
  • --- Show Cover Page in Two Page View
As always, we give a big thanks to those who worked with us to make this issue possible.



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Eugenio Anhithe Wilde

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Fantastic job @DarkMoonEnigma

I never get to read these until they are released so I guess Moon Manager means nothing around here :)

All I can say is thank you to everyone who contributed, not just to the magazine but also the inspiration behind it. I love getting to know more about you guys and thank you for all you do for Monria.

You are the motivation and drive behind everything we are trying to achieve in EU, and we will keep doing our best to deliver what you deserve.

Thank you!



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:jumpclap:jumpclap:jumpclapWhat can I say DM :jumpclap:jumpclap:jumpclap

I love these magazines, you and the team are great, such a huge amount of work for a great result:bravo

This issue as usual is packed with loads of info on our wonderful friends who make the moon such a friendly and inclusive place to be
Well done
PS chapter 1 makes me wonder what your up to.....:yog sothoth
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