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Just a reminder to everyone to check out this section of the forum where the Shop Owners have their own dedicated sub-section to list their inventories. They are doing a great job of keeping their inventory lists updated and it gives you an instant look at what they have available.

Besides the regular Monria Hub and Tower Shops, there are a few who are selling from their apartments:

  • Cthylla Tower | Floor 6, Suite 3 | Curd
  • Cthylla Tower | Floor 8, Suite 1 | Tilaras
  • Cthulhu Tower | Floor 6, Suite 6 | Raine
These individuals are keeping an inventory list as well. However, I think Curd is the only one who has a Shopkeeper at the moment but Tilaras and Raine are working on it. If you find something in their apt/shop that you are interested in, just leave them a message at the forum or in the game.

And speaking of Curd's shop, the Shopkeeper is on the right in the bar, just sayin' --> and everything is set up really nice to give a home feel to the space. I tried to jump the bar to get at the stock in the glass cabinet but I think the Shopkeeper works nights as a bouncer. He DID give up some Mind Essence though. :D

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