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Entropia Universe is a very unique experience with a steep learning curve, not to mention its Real Cash Economy (RCE), and for a society to navigate the nuances of this virtual world with perseverence and fortitude for ten years, it's a testament to their dedication and loyalty to one another.

They have achieved a very respectable longevity that has allowed them to experience many of the changes that have taken place in this unique universe. They have stuck together through it all, and they are now ready to celebrate a 10 year milestone by presenting a 24 hour event on Monria that is open to everyone.

@Eric Shade Avenged and his Colonels have designed this celebration with a host of activities that will keep you engaged. There are some nice prizes to win, including random prize giveaways. Mark your calendars for November 12th, and join in to help us celebrate the 10 year anniversary of TKoE.

You can read the full history of The Knights of Entropia here, complete with videos and resources.

@Eric Shade Avenged gets full credit for pulling together the contents of both this event thread, as well as the TKoE History thread. He worked with his Colonels to gather the information to share with the community, and engaged the Monria Staff to help facilitate this event. It is our pleasure to do so, and to Congratulate The Knights of Entropia on their
10 year anniversary.

TKoE 10 Year Anniversary Events
Saturday -- November 12th


  • event starts @ 00:00 game time and ends @ 23:59 game time on Saturday, Nov 12th
  • all 4 Monria mobs are in play, and all 4 Monria mobs will have an increased spawn for 24 hrs
  • no teaming allowed
  • Shoggoth Solo
  • single highest solo Global/HoF -- Prize 200 PED
  • single lowest solo Global/HoF -- Prize 100 PED
  • Yog Solo
  • single highest solo Global/HoF -- Prize 200 PED
  • single lowest solo Global/HoF -- Prize 100 PED
  • Cultist Solo
  • single highest solo Global/HoF -- Prize 200 PED
  • single lowest solo Global/HoF -- Prize 100 PED
  • Shub Solo
  • single Highest solo Global/HoF -- Prize 200 PED
  • single lowest solo Global/HoF -- Prize 100 PED
  • you can only win one Solo prize
  • you cannot win multiple prizes across all 4 mob categories
  • if you have the single highest or lowest Solo Global/HoF on one or more than one mob ...
  • ----- only your first recorded Solo Global/HoF will qualify for a prize
  • Examples -- you have the single highest or lowest Solo Global/HoF on a Yog and Cultist ...
  • ----- whichever Global/HoF was recorded first, that's the qualifier for the prize -- you can't win both, or...
  • ----- you have the single highest and single lowest Solo Global/HoF, both on a Yog ...
  • ----- whichever Global/HoF was recorded first, that's the qualifier for the prize -- you can't choose
  • in case of a draw -- the first recorded time wins
  • as in the past, Anhithe will receive extracted data from Entropia Life to determine winners
  • winners and data will be shared the next day in a thread at the forum
  • prizes will be distributed by @Eric Shade Avenged after winners have been determined and posted


For those who do not have all of the teleporters from Cave 1 to the Shub Cavern, there will be a running of the caves to the Shub Cavern to capture all of the teleporters.

This is how it will play out:

  • meet at the Cave 1 Teleporter [38360, 22643, 229] @ 14:00 game time on Saturday, Nov 12th
  • ----- by default, everyone gets the Cave 1 TP
  • while people are gathering for the run, there will be a photo shoot and some random craziness
  • once there is enough of a group, we will rush the caves all the way to the Shub Cavern
  • we will kill everything in our way to create a path for everyone to make it through
  • no one is required to shoot, just show up and join the raid group
  • Monrian Born, new Monrian community members, and visiting players are encouraged to join
  • this will give you an opportunity to capture all Cave and Shub Cavern TPs
  • you will need these to be able to participate in the rest of the TKoE event activities


There will be 10 weapons hidden and scattered all over Monria. These weapons have full TT and are intended to be kept by the players who find them. All tier numbers have been recorded as shown in the images below for authentication.

Here's how it will play out:

  • scavenger hunt will begin @ 13:00 game time on Saturday, Nov 12th
  • scavenger hunt will end @ 20:30 game time on Saturday, Nov 12th
  • everytime an item is found, the player will need to contact @Eric Shade Avenged
  • ----- this is required to authenticate the item in order to receive a reward of 20 PED
  • each player will also receive a ticket number corresponding to the item(s) found (0-9)
  • at the end of the scavenger hunt, we will perform a Monria Chat countdown -- 3... 2... 1...
  • the next Global/HoF that pops up will determine the overall scavenger hunt winner
  • Example -- if the Global is 568 PED, the winner is whoever possesses the 8th ticket
  • ----- if the Global is 23 PED, the winner is whoever possesses the 3rd ticket
  • the overall winner will be rewarded with a 100 PED prize
  • the winner will be announced at the TKoE Penthouse Party (see location and time below)

______________Ticket 0__________________________________Ticket 1______________
Shayeb S20_zpsxsipgylf.jpg

______________Ticket 2__________________________________Ticket 3______________
Salafa G1_zpskmk5wpmq.jpg

______________Ticket 4__________________________________Ticket 5______________
Jamjoom Annihilation_zpsp770bkof.jpg

______________Ticket 6__________________________________Ticket 7______________
Hilqa Knife M2_zpssh28vh2j.jpg

______________Ticket 8__________________________________Ticket 9______________
Sollomate Rubio_zpsrc4maz6r.jpg


boxing ring_zpsc0ljitcq.jpg

This is a "Last Player Standing" PvP event. There will only be 1 massive round, so make sure that you review the details below and you understand the rules.


  • event will take place in the Monria Boxing Ring at the West Crater -- [36120, 18412, 36]
  • event begins @ 17:00 game time and ends @ 20:00 game time
  • make sure you register with the Event Organizer at the West Crater prior to the start of the event
  • ----- if you do not register prior to the start of the event, you will not be able to enter
  • no healing
  • no armor
  • no HP limitations
  • no amps/enhancers -- participants will be scanned
  • no rings -- participants will be scanned
  • melee only
  • no unapproved weapons -- must use the weapon listed below
  • each person has only 1 life -- once you die in the ring, you are eliminated and cannot come back in
  • Castorian EnKnuckles-B (L) -- can be purchased at the Monria Trade Terminal
Castorian EnKnuckles-B_zps9oteg6nd.jpg


  • 1st Place -- 200 PED
  • 2nd Place -- 100 PED
  • 3rd Place -- 50 PED
  • prizes will be distributed at the end of the boxing event by @Eric Shade Avenged


  • The Knights of Entropia Headquarters -- Cthulhu Tower, 10th Floor, Penthouse 1
  • party starts @ 20:00 game time -- party ends @ "whenever"
  • there will be music and dancing, and some random prize giveaways
  • there are plans for a trivia competition (EU-related)
  • @Eric Shade Avenged will give away his own personal Monria apartment
  • ----- especially since he is now living in the TKoE HQs Penthouse :D

Congratulations TKoE on your 10 Year Anniversary



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First, I want to say again that Shade is the one who gathered all of the information and content for both the event and history threads. I was just the facilitator for getting it posted on the forum. We have been working with Shade on this event in a private forum for some time now, and there was no way we weren't going to step up to help.

This is truly a milestone celebration, and we wanted to do all we could to support this incredible society who has done so much for us as well.

I knew this society as The Knights of Calypso (TKoC) while playing my original avatar (MindStar9), who is on ice while I'm in this official capacity with Monria (she's going to be cold for a long time :p ), and I knew Xander back in the day during this time as well. We were connected on FB and he came to me one day and asked if I knew of anyone who would allow the society to crew a Mothership. I had actually possessed the Yamato deed for 2 years while conducting my media work across planets, but had just given the deed back to Anhithe.

Because I knew Xander to be a person of character, integrity and trustworthiness, I contacted Anhithe and suggested he connect with Xander regarding having a crew for the Yamato while also letting them use her for the benefit of the society. He connected with Xander, and the rest is history, so they've been crewing the Yamato for quite some time. In January when we launched our Monria Space Travel Program, it was then that we commissioned TKoE as our official Yamato crew. Xander led the team until recently when Shade took over as General of TKoE.

We are very grateful to have such an incredible society to work with us in support of what we want to accomplish for Monria, and are more than satisfied with how the travel program has evolved into such a well-organized team effort.

Ant, Kendra and I have over 11 yrs history each in Entropia Universe, and along the way, we have met some amazing people that have now become an integral part of developing the future of Monria. I spent a solid 8-1/2 years involved in media endeavors, with a pulse on the community, and worked with other planet partners, including an official position with the Cyrene team for a year, as well as worked with MindArk officials, so the 3 of us not only bring an arsenal of experience, but are now in a position to really do something for the community in the way we've always wanted to.

That means not working for the community to achieve our goals, but with the community in determining what will work best overall, but also reserving space in between for some surprises. :D

So, all that said, there are those who have absolutely shown their genuine support for what we are trying to accomplish, and TKoE has been with us from the beginning. They will always have our support, and I'm sure you will see this society grow even more significantly as we work together to create an even greater experience for our community.

Thank you TKoE for your support, and for being an overall superb organization. :aok


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I'll post pics later tonight or tomorrow, been a long day, but an AWESOME day ... Thanks TKoE. :clap
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