Monria Valentines Event | Shubs Need a Human Sacrifice | Sat, Feb 15th


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It was February 3014 (2017) just before Valentine's Day that we discovered an annual ritual of the Shubs that required a human sacrifice to Yog-Sothoth. We had only taken over governing Monria the end of November in 3012 (2015), and were at the beginning of establishing the new colony. We held a Valentine's Day event for the community in February 3013 (2016) as a means of getting to know one another, but also to show the Shubs and Shoggs some love because they seemed to have felt slighted that the Cultists were getting so much attention.

I'm assuming that we didn't experience the Valentines human sacrifice ritual in February 3013 because we were so young a colony and the native creatures didn't think we would amount to anything. They were wrong. We were in pursuit of a coexistence with the local creatures but they weren't having any of it because they saw us as intruders. The year 3013 was a trying year with constant battles, but one member of the community took it to a new level.

It was Angel of Shadows who persevered and became the first colonist to achieve 10k kills of the Shubs and put a nice dent in their population. This caught Shub-Niggurath's attention, and in February 3014, we had our first encounter with the annual human sacrifice to Yog-Sothoth. As a result of Angel's perseverance and dedication to taking out as much of the Shub population as possible, she earned herself an NPC in her likeness near the Shub Cavern teleporter and gives out the Shub hunting daily mission.

It might help to understand the history of this annual human sacrifice ritual and why it is important that it continue to honor Yog-Sothoth. I'm laughing right now because for 3 years the Shubs have failed to take any targeted community member hostage to use as their human sacrifice. The first two years they went after Angel of Shadows, but she showed them just how badass she was, so the third year they decided to go after yet another Shub annihilator named Tina Zlobarkata. It was again a complete failure, but I have it on good intel that the Shubs haven't given up, and they have their eye on someone new. They will be relentless in their aggression, and yet another Monria community member is in danger.

Back to the history ... Yog-Sothoth is an Outer God who knows all and sees all, and a contiguous entity with all space and time, embracing the past, the present and the future. Yog-Sothoth mated with Shub-Niggurath, another Outer God, and gave birth to twin deities, Nug and Yeb. Nug sired Cthulhu, but it wasn't in the conventional way. It was through parthenogenesis, a natural form of asexual reproduction where the development of embryos occur without fertilization. Cthulhu is considered a Great Old One, but not a God.

Pleasing Yog-Sothoth has the potential of bringing knowledge of many things, but to learn too much also has the potential for courting disaster. Unfortunately, to favor this God requires the ultimate sacrifice of a human, or eternal servitude. So far, no one targeted in our community for this annual human sacrifice has been captured, and neither of them have submitted to eternal servitude.

(Note to self ... check in with Gothgorath to see if he will finally tell his story of eternal servitude that took place centuries ago and what all that entails.)

So who will the target be for Valentine's 3017 human sacrifice? :devil


Date | Saturday, Feb 15th
Time | 12:00 -to- 23:59 Game Time
(to determine game time -- click on your System tab in the chat box and then press U ... or
press the period key if you haven't remapped your keyboard since the change)
Location | Entire Moon

  • you do not need to register at EntropiaLife for this event ... globals/hofs are automatically recorded
  • please ask questions in Monria chat and refrain from PM'ing DME if at all possible
  • be considerate of your fellow participants during the event
  • --- this includes not cluttering TP areas in the craters with vehicles and/or landing on top of people
  • --- when going back out into the field, please be considerate of where you land and pick up vehicles
  • random global/hof prizes will be given out during the course of the event
  • --- you can only win one random global/hof prize with two exceptions
  • --- twice during the event there will be a full hour of free-for-all random global/prizes given out
  • --- this means ... you are not restricted to one prize during each of the free-for-all hours
  • --- the free-for-all hours will be announced in Monria chat just before they begin
  • winners can pick up their prizes at the DSEC Forensics TP when convenient, or at end of event
  • DME will be standing in front of the Monria ad terminal -- please allow DME to initiate all trades
  • make sure to have the Monria chat channel active for instructions and NEXT GLOBAL call-outs
  • teams must have the name Monria in the team name to be eligible for prizes
  • please do not use symbols in your team name so it gets into the filter for the event data spreadsheet
  • please register your Team Name and Team Leader in this thread
  • --- any prizes won will be given to the Team Leader for distribution
  • societies cannot have more than one team name with their society name in it
  • if you hire a healer and don't team, your globals/hofs will count as Solo entries
  • if you team with a healer, or anyone else, your globals/hofs will count as Team entries
  • all of Monria is open to those who wish to participate in the mining portion of the event
  • if you get a claim in an area where you are challenged to excavate it because of mobs ...
  • --- ask in Monria chat to see if any of our MCAT members are available to assist

  • post your guess in this thread of what you think the 12 hr combined globals/hofs total will be
  • the guess is for total globals/hofs and not total ped
  • please be mindful of your time zone and game time so you get the guess posted on time
  • you only get one guess, and it must be posted prior to the start of the event
  • make sure you check all other guesses so that you don't post the same number
  • edited posts will be disqualified, so think carefully before posting
  • the person coming the closest to the actual total after the event wins
  • globals/hofs are calculated from hunting and mining
  • the 12 hr globals/hofs total will be added to this post with other results on Sunday
Current Numbers in Play
  • please check to make sure you don't duplicate a number and get disqualified
  • they are in numeric order from left to right
159 -- 170 -- 199 -- 212 -- 250 -- 288 -- 300 -- 317 -- 322 -- 333 -- 339 -- 345 -- 355 -- 367 -- 370 -- 380 -- 386 -- 395 -- 398 -- 400 -- 404 -- 409 -- 417 -- 420 -- 425 -- 430 -- 435 -- 437 -- 439 -- 444 -- 451 -- 456 -- 460 -- 465 -- 470 -- 474 -- 475 -- 480 -- 485 -- 489 -- 493 -- 499 -- 500 -- 503 -- 504 -- 510 -- 515 -- 517 -- 520 -- 524 -- 526 -- 529 -- 535 -- 541 -- 550 -- 555 -- 556 -- 566 -- 574 -- 583 -- 592 -- 600 -- 605 -- 612 -- 625 -- 631 -- 632 -- 649 -- 666 -- 667 -- 690 -- 754 -- 777 -- 789 -- 800 -- 860 -- 888 -- 917 -- 1200 -- 1253 -- 1317 -- 1500 -- 1776 -- 2020


Actual Total Globals/HoFs = 504

Total Globals/HoFs Guess = 504 ... Ichigo -- 100 PED Prize



Date | Saturday, Feb 15th -- Time Begins | 12:00 game time -- Time Ends | 23:59 game time
Location | Entire Moon -- (see specific increased mob spawn locations in the link below)

NOTE - we added an extra increased spawn location for the mob level just below each of the bosses
  • Shoggoth ... Eldritch the Pestilent -- Level 6 -- Location / DSEC Forensics
  • Yog ... Kyghis The Tormented -- Level 47 -- Location / DSEC Mining Camp
  • Cultist ... Protector of Shut'thend -- Level 50 -- Location / DSEC Military Camp
  • Shub ... Taklalb Apostle of Shadows -- Level 79 -- Location / Shub Cavern
Right click on the following links and open in a new tab -- these are PDF files for downloading:

Increased Mob Spawn Locations
Monria Mob Levels / HP - Wave Locations - Pets - Yogs Burrow Sweating

Also, here are links to help you navigate Monria, but also find items in shops and shopkeepers:
Right click on the links to open in a new tab.

Monria Interactive Map
Monria Shops Inventory Tool


IMPORTANT NOTE ... please read the rules carefully as they have changed. We removed the first and last lowest global prizes from hunting. You still have an opportunity to win 3 prizes between hunting and mining. There will still be random global giveaways but not as frequent.

As always, thank you very much for supporting what we do for Monria and for your event participation.

HEADS UP ... if you haven't done so already, make sure you pick up the:

  • Single Highest Global/HoF -- Shoggoth -- Prize --> 200 PED -- Dunne SilverTooth Lauren
  • Single Highest Global/HoF -- Yog -- Prize --> 200 PED -- R4 1M 31
  • Single Highest Global/HoF -- Cultist -- Prize --> 200 PED -- Kingu KinguXnoX Kingu
  • Single Highest Global/HoF -- Shub -- Prize --> 200 PED -- Illithya Pig Tails
  • Highest Team Global/HoF -- Shoggoth -- Prize --> 200 PED -- Monria K0lb&Cool_guys
  • Highest Team Global/HoF -- Yog -- Prize --> 200 PED -- Titans of Space Starfleet Monria
  • Highest Team Global/HoF -- Cultist -- Prize --> 200 PED -- Buzz & Summer on Monria
  • Highest Team Global/HoF -- Shub -- Prize --> 200 PED -- CotS on Monria
  • Highest global/hof on any ore/enmatter -- 200 PED -- Steve ST Thomas
  • First Lowest global on any ore/enmatter -- 100 PED -- Felix WIzard Petrescu
  • Last Lowest global on any ore/enmatter -- 100 PED -- Eric Shade Avenged
BONUS PRIZE ... donated by Sith Meister
  • D-Class Amp to the first Solo Hunting and/or Mining Global/HoF with the number 169
  • --- the numbers have to appear in that order
  • if there is no winner, the D-Class Amp will rollover to the next event
  • if there is a winner, a new D-Class Amp will be added to the next event

Another will be up for grabs in the next event.


You can see all of the results in Ant's spreadsheet here where individual global/hof totals are included.
Right click and open in a new tab.


  • Solo Hunting, Team Hunting
  • you can only win one Solo and one Team hunting prize
  • you can also win a mining prize based on the following rules
  • Mining
  • if you get the highest global/hof and one of the lowest globals ... you win the highest
  • if you win the highest, you are not eligible for either the first or last lowest global prizes
  • the person who wins the first lowest global is not eligible to win the last lowest global
  • if you get the first lowest global, you can continue mining toward getting the highest
  • Example ... you get the first lowest global and have the first recorded time
  • --- this means you win the first lowest global prize
  • --- but there's an incentive to continue mining to see if you can get the highest global/hof
  • --- if you do, then the person who had the lowest global with the time right after yours ...
  • ---------- would win the first lowest global prize
  • Additional Information
  • you can win prizes in solo/team hunting and mining based on the above rules
  • in case of a draw for any of the prizes, the first recorded time will apply
  • Anhithe will extract the data from EntropiaLife after the event and determine the winners
  • --- he will also create a gobal/hof data spreadsheet that will be posted with the results
  • the results will be added to the first post in this event thread sometime on Sunday


We had one apartment leftover from the 4 that we were giving away at our St Patrick's Day event 2019 and said that it would be in play at our future events until it was won.

Here is how you win it:
  • get a solo hunting or mining global/hof with the numbers 317 in the total -- in that order
  • --- 317 represents the St Patrick's Day holiday date each year -- March 17th
  • Examples:
  • --- 317
  • --- 1317
  • --- 3179
NO WINNER ... apartment is still up for grabs at the next event in March.

(formerly known as the South and West Craters)
  • from the DSEC Forensics Crater, go SE to the abandoned mine, follow the road
  • --- coordinates of the abandoned mine are --- [38487, 19936, 31]
  • --- be mindful that there are Yogs outside the abandoned mine entrance
  • --- they should be mostly off to the left unless someone aggro'd them
  • --- use the insta-teleporter just inside the abandoned mine
  • --- this will take you to the DSEC Mining Camp crater ... capture the TP and then ...
  • from the DSEC Mining Camp TP follow the road out to the abandoned mine
  • --- coordinates of the abandoned mine are --- [37744, 17987, 110]
  • --- use the insta-teleporter just inside the abandoned mine
  • --- this will take you to the DSEC Military Camp crater ... capture the TP


White Monria Shirts in Action
Team Leader: Pablo Klusek Grudzien

CotS on Monria
Team Leader: Kingu KinguXnoX Kingu

Monria K0lb&Cool_guys
Team Leader: Tony K0lb0sa K0lbasters

Monria Kill Team Alpha
Team Leader : shad sirbay hall

We Salute Monria
Team Leader: Deus Skubahta Rui

Monria Dust Bunnies
Team Leader: Lafiel Rose Lily

Monria DJandFriends
Team Leader: DJ DJMcFlinty McFlinty

Groovy Monria Moon
Team Leader: Lady Ladyburn Land

Monria Walkers
Team Leader: Queen Antharas Anthy

Buzz & Summer on Monria
Team Leader: Alkesh Summer Vallan

Monrian Bombing Squad
Team Leader: MM - (chris moneyme mo)

Monria Forever
Team Leader: Velizari

Monria with love
Team Leader: heart on fire

Monria Tsunade
Team Leader: Maria Tsunade

Titans of Space Starfleet Monria
Team Leader: John Black Knight

TusaLusa Monria Party
Team Leader: vitor rotiV3tuga Zezere

Monrian TinFoilHat
Team Leader: debud po3blck




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would like to guess 489 and hope to get bonus for guessing the sacrifice :p I suspect JBK is high up there now :p

Also register team

CotS on Monria
team leader_ Kingu KinguXnoX Kingu


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would like to guess 489 and hope to get bonus for guessing the sacrifice :p I suspect JBK is high up there now :p

Also register team

CotS on Monria
team leader_ Kingu KinguXnoX Kingu
Never assume. :D
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