Monria Valentines Event | Shubs Need a Human Sacrifice | Sat, Feb 15th


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HEADS UP ... the event has started, so the posting of total globals/hofs is closed.


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Hey guys, I just wanted to say that after a few participants expressed confusion with regard to the random global prizes aspect of our event, I'm going to review everything to see if I can come up with a better way of either explaining it, or perhaps even revamping it to make it more clear.

The intent is to make the random global prizes as fair as possible so that more people have an opportunity to win them, including our newer players, but as we all know when it comes to globals and hofs, it's random, but there are other personal variables that come into play as well with regard to what might trigger a global or hof ... and that, we don't have control over.

There are quite a few people who attend our events, and when I call out for a random global or hof based on a certain criteria, we could be waiting a long time for someone or a team to meet that criteria who hasn't already won a prize.

I think the confusion comes in between the regular random global prize period when I try to give the prizes to those who haven't won one yet, and the free-for-all hours where you can win multiple prizes. The free-for-all segments are pretty clear I think, and there are those who do win multiple prizes, but when we go into the regular segment of the random global prizes again, that's where I think it gets confusing.

During the free-for-all hours, several people win multiple prizes, and when we switch to regular random global prize giveaways, I try to be as fair as possible when I see that new globals or hofs aren't showing up from those who haven't won anything yet ... we could be sitting there waiting for a long time in that respect ... it's a hard call to make. People who won prizes in the free-for-all hours can again win prizes during the regular period of random global giveaways, and they will if new player and/or team globals/hofs just aren't showing up. Sometimes we have waited a long time.

No one is ever not eligible for a random global prize, so no one should stop trying during either period of time. I just need to make a determination how long we wait for someone new to produce a global or hof. I really don't want us to be sitting in limbo for long periods of time with regard to this, so I make a judgment call based on incoming globals/hofs.

I keep a running list of those who get the random global prizes, and if you're not globaling, then that isn't something we can control. At the end of any of our events, there will always be people and teams who have won more random global prizes than others because they global more no matter what round we are in ... free-for-all or otherwise.

One other thing to keep in mind as well ... we had server downtime during the event and had to regroup before starting the random global prizes again.

Here's a list of teams who won prizes and how many ... (the majority of which were won in the free-for-all rounds)

Monria Dust Bunnies -- 5 Team Hunting wins = 150 PED
Monria with Love -- 4 Team Hunting wins = 120 PED
Monria Forever -- 3 Team Hunting wins = 90 PED
Monria TinFoilHat -- 3 Team Hunting wins = 90 PED
Monria Tsunade -- 2 Team Hunting wins = 60 PED
Titans of Space Starfleet Monria -- 2 Team Hunting wins = 60 PED
Cult of the Skull -- 1 Team Hunting win = 30 PED
White Monria Shirts in Action -- 1 Team Hunting win = 30 PED

Here's a list of individuals who won prizes and how many ... (the majority of which were won in the free-for-all rounds)

Steve ST -- 3 prizes
debud Po3blck -- 2 prizes
Heidi -- 2 prizes
Maria Tsunade -- 2 prizes
Hammonrye -- 2 prizes
Rotivetuga -- 1 prize
Pawel Gibky -- 1 prize
Mr Sergy -- 1 prize
KillerDawg -- 1 prize
heart on fire -- 1 prize
Velizari -- 1 prize
Nero Pelleman -- 1 prize

Special Valentine's prize of Valentine chocolates or red Heart Pillow plus 20 ped:
(teams were eligible for these prizes because of the 20 ped)

Cult of the Skull

Again, globals/hofs are random, and something we have no control over, but I will take time to review this aspect of our events and see what I can come up with, but keep in mind please, that most of the wins were during the hours we held the free-for-all segments and open to everyone to get multiple prizes.

Perhaps I shouldn't have tried to explain everything in Monria chat during the event and just said that I will review the elements of this part of our event to see what I can come up with to make it better, but I'm of the mind that it's important for people to understand so it doesn't get away from us ... I'll work on this.
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