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Alya Drarh

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Game Experience.
I joined in 2017, born on Calypso. I have since played nearly every day exploring the EU universe and engaging in all kinds of EU activities. I love to hunt (my strongest overall skills relate to hunting), craft, mine, tame, texture and paint, and more. I have shops for which I craft and enjoy being a part of the EU economy. Once I discovered Monria I knew I'd found a wonderful community of fantastic people and I like to do all I can to support this great group.
Laser Sniper 56
Laser Pistoleer 48
BLP Sniper 52
Swordsmen Hit/Dmg 37/39
Mechanical Engineer 24
Vehicle Structural Engineer 25 (repairing)
Miner 17, Prospector 16
Animal Tamer 31
Material Designer 25, Colorer 22

Mentoring Qualifications.
I suppose it is an extension of being a mentor, coach, teacher, professor in real life. I also had an outstanding Mentor that instilled in me the value of the mentoring system. My mentor showed me that we are always learning and even after we graduate from discipleship we retain strong ties with a great mentor. I enjoy helping others find their path. I have had disciples interested in different areas and who progressed at their own speed. I am happy to be there with you or just be there when you need me. There is so much that a mentor can share in terms of experience and tips all while a disciple discovers what he or she loves about the game and how he or she wants to play.

Time Zone.
I am in the United States, Central Time Zone (a hour behind the Eastern Time Zone)

I play a lot as I work from home so even if I am not actively doing anything I tend to be logged in should a disciple have a question. Mornings in the US are probably my worst time for availability. I am in and out though all day long and into the late night. Monday, Friday, and Sunday evenings I am away from the computer for a few hours and sometimes on Wednesdays but usually check in later in the night.
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Nice introduction Alya, and we love having you as part of our community. :)

As a side-note, I am finally getting to transferring the MVST members to the Monria Community Assistance Team (MCAT) so that we have just one community support team. I removed the MVST banner and added the MCAT banner for you.

Thanks for your care about Monria and our community. :grouphug
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