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Ok I thought if it is acceptable for a part time visitor to Monria I would be happy to be a mentor.
I started my entropia journey in I think January 2015 as a complete noob with no real understanding of what I was getting into. I've made all the mistakes and learnt from them, had a vacant mentor who basically signed me up and vanished, so I've learnt most things the hard (expensive!) way until I joined ~ZEN~ where the little community of the soc really helped me.
So I started on Calypso first hunting and then mining and trying and failing at crafting. After about 6 months I hitched a lift to Ark and loved it and stayed. Then I got into the gold rush event and won an apartment and I was hooked on events. Up until then I was mining most of the time but I have switched over to primarily hunting, then crafting and sometimes mining. But I can help with all three.
I'm also an Arkadian Advisor now so I'm looking forward to the Monria-Ark events and I think it would be great for the two planets to be more closely linked and increase that lovely community feel.
I do like to travel around a lot but even if I'm not on Monria I always keep the monria chat window open so if I'm online I'm happy to chat and join in with the community.
I'm based in the UK so thats UTC-1 or UTC in Winter. But I work strange hours and shifts so I can be online sometimes at 5 am UTC right through to midnight or later, most days of the week and always at the weekends.
As far as skills go I'm at around 140k , level 52 BLP pistol, level 11 electronics engineer, level 28 prospector.
Hope to chat to you all soon and have a two way learnign experience.

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Thank you very much for your introduction Heidi, it's appreciated. I don't see any reason why you couldn't be one of our Volunteer Mentors for Monria. I will go ahead and add you to the official list.

Thank you for caring about Monria too. As soon as we complete the reconstruction of the Moon, we will be getting back to our regular events, and Dylan and I will get together to start developing a collaboration of a Monria/Arkadia event as well. I think it would be cool too for Monria and Arkadia to work together at some level to increase that community feel and share activities in both locations. We are looking forward to it. :)
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