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I created my account on 3/19/2012 under a great mentor buxythighslappa who was in at the beta release of the game but sadly she no longer plays. My avatar was born on Planet Calypso and I ran all over most of the planet exploring and picking up the TP sites. I gradually moved out from there as my knowledge expanded. I graduated my discipleship on Arkadia. I came to Monria due to the fact that my two recent graduates had come here and told me a lot about the Moon, I had to come see for myself. Malgar and Shadow showed me around and helped me get started here and I have come to love it and decided to make it my home. I am a member of the MCAT team and help others when they need it.


I have been playing the game almost 8 years now and have seen and done a lot. I do what I can to help others be it with information, a ride in a vehicle, or a team hunt. I also help people find what they are looking for when possible. I am attentive, a good listener, will offer advice if asked, but will try to never steer you wrong. I do not know everything about the game, it's a constant learning experience. If I do not know the answer to a question, I will do my best to get an answer or refer you to someone who can answer it. I currently have 3 graduated disciples, they are Kathulos, Malgar, and Shadow. All were a great pleasure to mentor as they all taught me as much as I ever taught them. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who would like me to mentor them. I will always do my best to help and inspire my disciples.


My time zone is Eastern daylight AKA New York Time.
I am -5 hrs game time in the Fall/wWinter, and -4 hrs game time in the Spring/Summer.


I am online either early mornings say around 5-6 AM my time (10:00 - 11:00 game time) or late night around 7-8 PM my time (00:00 - 01:00 game time).

If interested for me to mentor you please contact me in-game.
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