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Total skills - 155k

Total time played - about 4 years

Qualifications - I've been a Colonel for NBK's new player/training society for years now. Teaching new players in the basics of calculating eco of weapons, tools, armors using stats and Entropia Wiki Webtools, TP runs to gather all teleports (TP's), listing various channels that will be handy for a new player to stay tuned into or just have on hand.

I am medium level in skill and knowledge for almost everything planet based, enough to teach the basics and then some for newer players wanting to get into hunting, mining, and crafting planet side. I am a skilled space player all around, from quad pvp fighting pirates, hunting space mobs, and repair/pilot skilling to build skills for the much awaited space update (we've been waiting forever).

I'm very active in-game and can answer most composed messages within 12-24 hours always, and due to the fact that I play in space mostly the area I stay near at can vary depending on where my Disciple is. My in-game times fluctuate constantly, so I will always be able to arrange some play time no matter what my Disciples hours are like.

The lession plan ~

1 - You either pay to play the game, or work to play the game... first lesson is teaching you that to the core, and seeing if you still like this game for what it is.

2 - What mark up is, why it's important, and how to find it in what you do

3 - Calculating economy of weapons, tools, and armors to ensure "eco" gathering of materials

4 - How to trade your materials, and when to trade your materials.

As for mining, hunting, and crafting... they're pretty much all the same with little twists.

There are no time restrictions, and I wont press you to learn anything. But aside from the skills needed to graduate I believe learning these things are very important to success in this game.


I give a special prize when my disciples graduate, aside from that I share all my info on the game, and that is really worth more then some trinkets!
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