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Greetings to any who may wander across this, first off i'm fairly new to Entropia compaired to some other avatars but that doesn't stop me, so don't let it stop you. Origianlly Caly born in 2013, once i arrived to Monria the first time i knew right then and there, this was a place to call home.

I have graduated from an amazing Mentor Lone Eagle Hawk who taught me many things and without him i would not be where i am. Graduated exactly 2 months after taking under his wing and in that time learnt a lot from him as well as taught him a few things in the process and i think that's what this whole experience should be about gaining knowledge and sharing what you know and possibly making a few friends along the way, we've all been there and we're all in it together.

  • Game experience --> Account created 8th April 2013 spent some time playing but only since the 24th September 2017 have things got serious, and have spent majority of my time doing my best to learn all i can about the entropia univers both online and off.
  • Mentor qualifications --> Love helping people, especially those trying to find their feet in this massive universe which i know can seem very overwhelming.
  • Disciple or not, i help people wherever this young avatar can.
  • Professions --> Hunting, Crafting and Mining i do as much as i possibly can
  • Total Skills: 270k
  • Agility 81
  • Health 225
  • Intelligence 60
  • Psyche 62
  • Stamina 1
  • Strength 66
  • Professions;
  • Combat
  • BLP Sniper L74
  • Laser Sniper L68
  • Swordsman L50
  • Construct
  • Mechanical Engineer L28
  • Metal Engineer L24
  • Resource collecting
  • Animal Looter L43
  • Prospector L25
  • Mindforce
  • Biotropic L31
  • Jammer L22
  • Miscellaneous
  • Gunner L28
  • Capatin L15
  • time zone --> GMT +2 ~ 2 hours ahead of Entropia Game Time
  • availability --> Online in the mornings for a short time and from Entropia Game Time
    15:00 (5PM@GMT+2) i will be online ~until about 20:00 Entropia Game Time (22:00 GMT+2) (During the week)
  • Weekends i am usually on as much as possible if not all day.
Please contact me through game chat or send me a message if you are interested in taking up mentorship or just want to get some more info i am always happy to engage with new players or old ones!
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Thank you for volunteering Malgar, I have added you to the official list of Monria Volunteer Mentors.

Also, really nice write-up. :)


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Congratulations Boroda ... you have achieved your first milestone with your Discipleship graduation, and now you can look forward to many more. It's nice to have you in our community and you picked great Mentors. :)
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