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I'm Lithuanian player, age 50+. Languages: Lithuanian (native), Russian - 2nd native :laughing2, English - very good (just some grammatic o_O ), can understand Polish.

I was born 2018 in Calypso. Nobody didn't helped me to survive in this amazing game. A one time I started look what's going on and joined to xX LT Xx society. They helped me a bit and I graduated my disciplinary in the Arkadia planet. After half year in game I bought a Quad Wing fighter and started fly in the Universe. A one day I was shot down by some space pirate and there for help came Evil Kenc Devil. He was from Cult of the Skulls society and made a support for me. One time I flew in space and decided check Monria. There I found very nice community and friendly environment. I joined to the Cult of the Skulls society and been happy to be a part of them :) But time everything changing and now I am a recruit with CRT (Calypso rescue Team)

My main profession - hunter. Overall skill points 243k+. I do crafting, mining as well.
My attributes and skills >

Combat skills
Laser sniper - 61 (hit)
BLP sniper - 62 (hit)
Vehicle Structural Engineer - 32
Mechanical Engineer - 24
Electronics Engineer -21
Resource Collecting
Animal Looter - 36
Mutant Looter - 33
Robot Looter - 25
Prospector, Minner - 23
Surveyor - 17
Biotropic - 22
Telepath - 18
Gunner - 25 (dmg)
Animal Tammer - 13

Captain - 12

I love to help for new players, doesn't matter it is my disciple or no :)



Mostly I play at evening times from 6pm to 10pm, sometimes early morning 2am - 6:30am

Please contact me via PM or in Monria chat if you see me online. I'm travelling a lot via various planets so prefer contacted via PM :hi

Also my disciple after training will get a full TT Sleipnir or DragonFly... See you soon :)

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Gratulations on the expanding experience in EU MC.. I am sure you will be a great asset to any that choose you as mentor and wish you good luck on the path :) may the cookie power be with you :) 🍪


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What a nice introduction McKenzee, well-done. :thumbsup

Thank you for stepping up to become a Monria Volunteer Mentor, it means a lot to our community, and I'm sure there will be those who will benefit from your experience. I've had an opportunity to get to know you better after we spent two Yamato warp schedules on our own, of which you did a super job as Yamato pilot, so thank you for that too. Your contributions to the community are appreciated.

I have also added your Monria Volunteer Mentor banner beneath your forum name. :)
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