Monria VU 1.2 - Some bug fixes

Eugenio Anhithe Wilde

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Hey guys we have the following fixes in today's patch

Vehicles in the craters

We've decided to enable vehicles in the three craters, they should still be disabled in the caves but I thought it might be fun to try crater surfing!

Bug fixes
  • The boxing glove names have been updated
  • PVP is now enabled in the boxing ring by default
  • The Boxing ring texture has been added
  • Pet buff fixed thanks for confirming @SnowLeopard

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@Lamilla Lami Masterson I don't think so, although I did wonder when I read that. It is assigned to a developer who is working on it but I believe it didn't make this patch. I did some testing myself and couldn't get the criteria to increase but if this is working for anyone let me know.
It is fixed. Just feed your pets and criteria goes up now.
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