Monria VU 2.0 - Monria Attack Status Report

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Monria Attack Status Report


As I write this from the command center on the Yamato it is clear that the Elder Things and their creations are determined to obliterate our existence. Together we have witnessed the unfathomable harm to those we love and experienced events far beyond tragedy. Evil forces conspire against us as the voice of Tru'nembra influences and directs even the most stoic of minds. Whilst life forces dissipate and colonists flee to the far reaches of the universe, there are those of us that remain, barely clinging to our sanity. We are the front line against this existential threat and we must prevail to secure the future of humanity.

This year’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations coincided with yet another coordinated attack by the Old Ones and their parasites. We now know that the combined attacks at Massacre Hill and the abandoned mine were just a precursor to the final assault. Intelligence reports warned of an imminent threat and all Monria security forces were placed on high alert. All public events were cancelled for the safety of participants but new colonists were still diverted from Planet Calypso due to interference from an unknown source on Monria. The safety of new arrivals is our highest priority.

Our worst fears were realized a short while ago when the three craters were invaded via a series of tunnels. The Monria construction team and military personnel have worked tirelessly to preserve the craters but I am afraid the Monria we knew has changed.


The creatures on Monria have overpowered the military which has lost ground in the South and West Crater. Initial reports suggest that the enemy has reorganized into different raiding parties, it is not known if certain maturities are stronger than before but their restructuring has proven fatal for our armed forces.

Construction teams have built tunnels with instant Teleporters between the craters in response to the overpowering of the settlements in South and West Crater. Security advises that the new permanent teleporters remain inactive until discovery for the protection of new colonists. This is currently under consideration.

Main Crater (Now DSEC Forensics)

The majority of defense forces and the DSEC military were deployed to the Main Crater and they successfully protected the residential and commercial interests of the colonists. DSEC forensics has relocated to the main crater to aid in the investigation of the attack and to analyse changes in terrain and mob behavior. Damage to the main area has been mostly repaired.

Road network

The dirt track in Main Crater has been extended to provide easier access to some points of interest currently under investigation and to enable the military to defend key attack points.

Abandoned West Tunnel

A tunnel used by the Church of Cthulhu as part of the attack has been closed, sightings of occasional cultists around the entrance have been reported.

South Crater Tunnel

The tunnel used by Yog Sothoth and his army has been closed and the invaders repelled. An instant teleportation device was installed to allow access to the South Crater during the attacks.

Yog Burrows

Visible from the main hub, a burrow created by the Yog population has been discovered. The creatures are sparse but new colonists are advised to be wary.

Massacre Hill

Attacks at Massacre Hill have destroyed some equipment, the bridge was lost and has now been replaced in a slightly different location, debris has been cleared.

South Crater (Now South Crater Mining Camp)

A wave of Yog battalions has destroyed the South Crater teleporter and supplies. The creatures appear to be attacking in waves led by Yog Sothoth, military forces have retreated to defensive positions. South Crater is now under the control of Yog Sothoth and colonists are advised not to engage.

West Crater tunnel

Military forces were able to close down the West Crater tunnel before retreating and successfully stem the invasion. An instant teleportation device was installed to allow access to West Crater during the attack.

South Crater Mining Camp

A Mining Camp has been set up on the North Side of the Crater. A teleporter has been constructed.

Road Network

A dirt road from the mining camp to the West Crater tunnel has been constructed.

West Crater (Now DSEC Military HQ)

In a selfless act of both heroism and desertion. Colonel Wang left his post at West Crater to lead the defense in Main Crater. This single act of bravery turned the course of the battle and protected the homes of the colonists.

Unfortunately in what may have been an act of revenge for the great battle at West Crater, the Church of Cthulhu took advantage of his absence destroying the encampment and committing genocide against the leprechaun population in the process.

DSEC Military HQ

Colonel Wang has established a military HQ in the southeast corner of the West Crater which has been fortified with rock formations that were displaced during the battle.


West Crater Stable

The Monria construction team has built a replica stable and positioned it in the DSEC military complex.

The Boxing Ring

A new boxing ring has been built and positioned in the DSEQ military HQ for use by the military and volunteer forces.

Ah the Leprechauns……

On his return to the West Crater Colonel Wang single-handedly jumped into the foray and rescued the remaining leprechauns who were putting up a brave if futile fight against the Cultists. The remaining leprechaun population is now residing close to the Military HQ and fall under its protection. There are also leprechaun refugees returning from the battlefield so don’t be alarmed if you see them wandering toward the HQ.

Known Issues

  • Due to low supplies some terminals were not added to South Crater Mining Camp, these terminals will be reclaimed from what remains of the old South Crater TP region in the near future.
  • DSEC military HQ has some lighting issues caused by the use of non transparent materials and overhanging rocks.
  • To aid in the physical and psychological evaluation of the fallen a temporary revive has been placed by a table at DSEC forensics.
  • Yog Sothoth is cunningly disguising his identity during the waves of attacks at South Crater, often hiding under the guise of the Yog Broodmother or even more alarmingly proclaiming to be the ‘Dakiba Raging Bull’
  • West Crater TP and South Crater TP still need to be renamed
  • West Crater teleporter is being Jammed by something West Crater is currently only accessible via the instant teleporter in the tunnel in South Crater.


The Main focus for this update is progression and purpose. A big part of my eventual aim for Monria is for there to be a more natural progression for new players and interesting content as they move up the skill ladder. I also want the environment to reflect our own lore and history. This will take some time but I’m a patient guy and the first thing we wanted to do was to lay the foundations. I want new players to progress through the craters and in the future discover the TPs. I also want there to be more points of interest that fit into our own lore. My plan is for future content to be built on this foundation and with time add more depth to Monria.

There’s a fair bit changed that may make Monria feel different (most notably the mob spawns in the Craters), some things are obvious and some not so much. I would appreciate any bugs and suggestions to be posted in the relevant section so that I can take it on board.

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OMG ... I'm wetting my pants right now.

That was THE most fantastically written update EVER. :aok

You creatively just blew my purple matter into quantum space with that brilliant update. :shock

You know me, and I think that was the biggest surprise of all. Glad you didn't tell me you were doing it this way. :D

Really well done. :cheer
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