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Fixed Issues

  • storage terminal at DSEC Forensics is no longer hidden by a metal crate, the crate was removed
  • NPCs have been added at the South Crater TP
  • West Crater is now available and no longer jammed
  • the lighting in the mobile units at West Crater has been fixed
  • the Yog Wave pit (Crater Nest) has been tightened up and rock formation redesigned
  • the perimeter near this rock formation is now a non-wave section and Yogs won't spawn in the rocks
  • the Yog Wave Boss is a Big Broodmother and renamed to Yog-Sothoth
  • the Yog Wave Boss level was reduced to level 19 (normal level for this mob boss) from level 24
  • --- not sure at the moment if this was intentional or is an issue
  • Cultists no longer get stuck in the rocks at the DSEC Forensics abandoned mine area
Known Issues
  • the lighting at Wang's Stable in the West Crater still needs additional lighting adjustments
  • the South and West Crater TPs still need to be renamed
  • you will now need to discover both the South and West TPs
  • this relates to future progressive missions that lead players from one crater to the next
  • use the SW insta-teleporter at the abandoned mine in the DSEC Forensics crater to get to South
  • --- there is a road that leads to the abandoned mine
  • use the insta-teleporter at the abandoned mine across the South Crater from the TP to get to West
  • --- there is a road that leads to the abandoned mine just to the right of the Yog Wave Pit
  • once the South and West TPs have been captured, you're good to go
  • terrain brush has been added to the craters
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