Monria VU 3.1 - His Master's Voice Bug Fixes

Eugenio Anhithe Wilde

Moon Manager
Staff member
Virtualsense Media Team
We have the following fixes and adjustments in today's patch:
  • In-game playlist is updated with entire list of music
  • Issue with Calypso playlist combining with Monria Playlist in DSEC Forensics resolved
  • Internal Error when viewing pet status fixed
  • DSEC Mining Wave now says Kill the Boss and Not 'Yog Broodmother'
  • Global Threshold increased for the new maturity Yogs (Kyghis The Tormented, Yithyggi The Departed, Ghirus The Elder)
  • Reduction in number of Mob boss spawns in Caves and Tunnels
  • Adjustments to Tamable Mobs and their spawns
  • St Patrick's Day hat mission no longer triggers
Known Issues:
  • Yog pet buff does not display visually but the buff does increase the excavator speed
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