Monria VU 5.2 - The Dunwich Horror has arrived

Eugenio Anhithe Wilde

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During our St Patricks Event The Dunwich Horror appeared on Monria to defend the evil mobs that were being slaughtered during our weekend chaos. This foul creature continues to spawn when most needed. The Monria team has installed an alert system to warn its citizens.....

The Dunwich Horror

  • A new high health Boss Mob now spawns on Monria triggered by kills on Monria
  • AOE 'burning' attack type
  • Message appears on the screen when the mob spawns
  • A waypoint with the mobs location is sent to System Chat when the event is triggered

Horror montage.jpg

That's all folks



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What an awesome graphic Kendra ... I know that was your doing because Ant sticks with development and details. :p

LOVE IT ... :jumpclap ... and our new Monria Dunwich Horror is absolutely gorgeous ... I'll ask Shadow to post her photos here because they are excellent as well.
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